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Racism in Peru

Incredible conditions of primitivity in Peru - Peruvians are blocking themselves by racism, and government likes this

by Michael Palomino (2010, translation 2012)

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Racist structures and habits in Peru

In Peru there is

-- racism against the own neighbors, above all poor against rich and rich against poor
-- racism against the natives in the jungle describing them as "not civilized" (living with nature yet and not living against nature)
-- racism against whites describing them as "gringos" (but "gringo" basically only is an aggressive "American" soldier, and all others are whites and not "gringos", but Peruvians like to criminalize all whites as "gringos")
-- and add to this Peruvian television and radio stations are telling only negative news about foreigners (and also call them "gringos") provoking a "better feeling" for the Peruvians, positive news about foreigners don't exist.

-- and sexism is also everywhere, men cannot urinate without destroying the bathroom, and women mean who is a man also is a violator because also about men radio and TV hardly give any positive news, and when there are positive news about a man so it's only about the president inaugurating a sewage plant or else (but just Peruvian president is the most corrupt person in the system...)

These connections show us that there is no social behavior in Peru - but there is a behavior like animals.

Social life is cruel in Peru. People are without any social knowledge. Peruvian Government also does not want to have this social knowledge because the government is organizing their corruption funds and is administrating mines, oil fields and gas fields, and this is enough work for the government, more is not needed for them. Peruvian government has more profits when there are no social boards. Sarcasm is governing the country which is unbelievable in Europe. People are dying in the mountains in the cold of the Andes because window panes are missing, and government members make holidays in the Caribbean because Peruvian cost is foggy. It's incredible...

Racism can be stated also in traffic system when the roads are never secured, but government members take the flight and therefore securing roads is not needed, and all some weeks there is a massacre of a bus in a canyon or in a gorge - or a little combi bus is kissing a river.

Horses and mail coaches of former times were circulating the same way as the roads are until today, but horses never fell down the gorge, but the drivers of today often cannot drive any more because they have got 2 jobs and therefore they are sleeping during driving or are racing on the roads. That's Peru: poor people traveling in the night have often to die - and government is not controlling but they get European salary taking the plane.

Racism on the steering wheel: Yes, to the driver the passengers are not important...

In 2012 the murder by bus was going down, but the murder by racing station wagon is going up because government was introducing GPS control for big buses, but little station wagons don't have any control and they are going on racing into death.

Women have envy without end when I am walking with my girlfriend: this girl has got a gringo and she not...

But there are always taxi honking attacks wanting us in the taxi...

In Peru taxi drivers have the bad habit honking against pedestrians provoking pedestrians in their taxi. Principally this is prohibited but taxis are terrorizing until today systematically the pedestrians, above all when there is a bus station with waiting passengers for the bus, and these criminal Peruvian taxi drivers are even blocking bus stations with their car. Police can control and distribute fines, but Peruvian police is not acting against Peruvian asshole taxi drivers but they are distributing fines against the drivers of public buses when there is missing something... - because taxi drivers are members of the Peruvian spy system and because also policemen are taxi drivers.

Peruvian women:
-- one wanted to christianize me
-- one wanted to drive me back to Europe
-- one wanted to evangelize me in a racist way indicating that the population of the mountains would be for nothing worth etc.
-- one wanted to manipulate me to pay a compensation whereas there had never been any relationship.

Racism in Peru is everywhere and social knowledge is 0. Peruvians like racism as intellectual "sports" and even have got the feeling that this would be "normal" and therefore they remain poor and don't know why it is like this.

Also in Peru is missing a big railway system that would be important for transport of persons and goods. But it is like this: There is hardly any railway, and bringing down potatoes from the Andes to the coast towns costs more than to import potatoes from other countries. That's why people in the coast towns are eating imported uniform potatoes, and potatoes from the Andes one cannot see on the coast. Therefore Peruvians of the coastal cities hardly know the products of the high mountains (Andes, Sierra). Racism? Of course, Peruvians mean this would be "normal". It's horrible...

Peruvian kitchen? Yes, there is great Peruvian kitchen with meals from the coast line, from the mountains and from the jungle. when people in Peru had more social knowledge, life in Peru wold be possible. But the fact is - that life in racist Peru is not possible.

Ah, and there is cruel racism also in the Peruvian pop songs headed against fellow humans when there are shouted texts like "go out, go out, go out" ("fuera, fuera, fuera") or "Get away" ("Largate") of a certain "Group 5" (better called "Group of Stupids" or "Group of Pigs"). This racism in Peruvian pop songs is incredible, but Peruvian mean that this racism would be "normal"...

And combined with racist music there is also a tradition having parties the whole night long without taking care of the neighbors. That means: nighttime peace does hardly exist. So, when you want to live in a country without nighttime rest then you have to come to Peru where all mean having fun when people are terrorized in the night by loud home disco. This is "normal" in Peru, also when law is describing other things. Why? Because Peruvian police is of low intelligence liking also night discos.

What is missing in Peru - and because of racism there is missing much in Peru

Peruvian government with it's different cultures is constituted of different mestizos or with people of Spanish race in Lima, and the rest of the population is damned to see how to manage life. This is the political principle. It's not important who is on power because this racist structure in Lima against the rest of the country is never changing when the government is changing. So, rich are laughing at the poor, and racism is "normal". There is even the impression that Peruvian government wants to govern the country without population only managing mines, oil and gas fields. By all this racism there are consequences that there are missing some things which would be important for the development of the population in general. And development assistance cannot help anything in this case.

Development assistance?
-- there is missing 3 gear bicycle in Peru
-- there is missing ELMEX dental paste in Peru
-- there is missing olive oil in restaurants, also mineral water sometimes is missing in restaurants
-- there are missing fast potato peeler in Peru
-- there are missing secondhand shops
-- there are missing libraries
-- there are missing mobile phone basic courses for elders
-- there are missing basic courses for house economy for families
-- there are missing neutral scholarships (Peru has got some scholarships but people don't know about because there is no publicity and no faith)
-- there are missing mail boxes and the ward of the house is the main spy against all inhabitants
-- there are missing windows in the mountains in Sierra bewaring people from pneumonia
-- there are missing for the great majority any knowledge about psychology and there is no access to psychological help (and because of this there is much violence and sarcasm in Peru)
-- there is missing anti flea pill for dogs
-- there is missing priority from the right side and therefore all cars are fighting for their right on crossings
-- there is missing information about publicity manipulations
-- there is missing beeswax balm protecting furniture without chemicals
-- there is missing silicone solvent.

Development assistance? would be simple but government is not interested in and many poor are that proud in their Peruvian nationalism and in their Peruvian militarism and with Peruvian racism so they are feeling "well" and don't want to change anything with their bad habits.

In Peru 3 gear bicycle is missing. One cannot believe it, but this is true. Switzerland has got 3 gear bicycle as a base of bicycle traffic, working for children and working at any weather for school etc. In Peru there is no 3 gear bicycle but almost all are driving with only one single gear. Therefore a bike is always slower than a car. Peruvian government is not seeing this, because - government members drive cars...

ELMEX toothpaste: I lived from 2008 to 2009 without ELMEX in Peru and then had 12 caries. There is no ELMEX in Peru. So I had to organize ELMEX from Switzerland. But Peruvian government as it seems is not interested in this good toothpaste... and ELMEX could not be found either during trips for weeks in other South "American" countries: Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina - there is no ELMEX what I cannot understand.

Olive oil is missing in restaurants in Peru. One could reach much using olive oil. But Peruvian government is not interested in...

In Peru I looked in vain for a potato peeler in a bowed form. No, something that practicable does not exist in Peru because efficiency would be better, but normal population is peeling potatoes with normal knives slowly. Peruvian government is not interested in...

Secondhand shops I only saw one until today, and this was in Ayacucho. In Lima I never saw any secondhand shop, but there are only some single market stands in poor districts offering second hand ware. Secondhand shops would be very needed in Peru hindering that used goods would be thrown away facilitating poorer people purchasing used goods. But until today people have to purchase all new when they are purchasing something, and in Peru there is an incredible national pride and poor also don't want to have secondhand products describing them as "waste", and also a beautiful secondhand peace is called "waste" by a proud Peruvian. Therefore this Peruvian mentality is blocking itself. And government is not interested in. The have never seen any secondhand warehouse like in Zurich or in Winterthur...

It's a surprise but in Peru - such a rich land with it's mines - there are also missing libraries. Whole districts of Lima are without libraries. Whole regions as for example Nazca region is practically without any new books in the library, but the books are all from the 1960s or older. Well, there will be no wonder that the young generation will not develop any joy in reading when there are no new books to read. Therefore youths like more dancing installing their love music for the whole night. Government is not interested in if Peruvians are reading or not because when there is less people reading, government will have less rivals when people is not reading and corruption funds from mine business will be only with the government members...

Education managing mobile phones? In Peru there are masses of people who never have written a message and they don't want to learn it either. Yes, God Heavens. Peruvian parents are too lazy to write messages and are so proud meaning that only the voice would be authority and by message there could be fraud. Therefore there is not only many people who don't know how is typewriting but they don't want to learn to write either. Therefore millions of soles are given out by calling directly whereas this would not be necessary. And people stay poor and telephone enterprises become rich. Government means that this would be "freedom"... Bosses of telephone enterprises are the "friends" of the government...

Basic courses about home economy? Yes, this would be really necessary having eliminated inefficiency like missing secondhand shops or missing mobile phone education making clear to families that further education is worth and that wrong Peruvian pride is not worth it. But there are partially whole families that have accepted that they live as "poors" whereas there would be development possibilities. They simply don't look for better work, or they are not looking for further income. Fatalism is working up to the point when parents say that children would feed the family later. Basic courses in family economy would provoke courage overcoming with this fatalism. But government is not interested in because poor people is easier to govern and there will be less competition...

Scholarships? This is one of the crucial things to eliminate poverty. But Peruvian government does not eliminate it because scholarships for poors are mostly missing. Peru does not know well organized scholarships but parents have to pay all for the children. There are some scholarships since 2011 but mostly unknown. Passing a big study only can afford somebody with familiar members in Europe or in the "States" getting some funds from there. Scholarships would provoke a radical shift up in education and would change whole districts in 20 years. But this is not important for the government because they want that people will stay poor - because competition will be less for the government like this.

Letter box for big houses? Yes, this would be something new. Mostly the big houses don't have even a common letter box in Peru. Mail hardly exists in Peru, and the mail is thrown by the frame. Therefore it's well possible that mail is lost in Peru. Curious assholes have it's sports to rob some mail, for example mail of banks. That's "normal" in Peru. Why should one respect private life when there is always coming bank statement mail? For the government this is not important because they have their private houses.

Windows in the high mountains against cold? Yes, look at this: There are missing windows and window panes. A big part of the population in the mountains of Peru is living without window panes until today. There is no money for the high price for window panes, because in the high mountains the prices are very high for this compared with the low wages they have in the mountains. And therefore there is coming this: Many children are dying every winter in the cold of the high mountains of Peru because window panes are missing. To the government this is not important when children are dying in the high mountains because the government in Lima would like to have the whole mountains with it's mines WITHOUT population only with the mines. Then as much mines could be exploited as the government wants without the protest movements of the population and without the pay demands. As long as the population of Peru is rising it's not at all important if there are dying some 1,000 children or not in Winter. Sierra population is generally qualified as "stupid" because not all children can go to school, because money for school uniforms is missing. Well, Peruvian government wants this because working in this manner the mines and oil fields and gas fields will belong forever to a little clique of Peruvian government in Lima. Racism? Yes, it's legal in Peru, and this racism is working for the government.

Psychology? basically is not known in Peru. The common connections of development of mankind are hardly known when there is not a guru in a village or in a district speaking wisdom. When there are hardly any libraries and books in Peru, so the average of the population can hardly have any former education not either in psychology. And television is hardly showing any psychology but is presenting only shows, violence, action and revenge without peaceful solutions. Therefore the big majority of the Peruvians is without any psychological education or experience, but women and men always mean that violence would be normal, or there should be a violent reaction. That's why the quota of violence in Peru is much higher than in Europe - and this counts for almost all countries of stupid catholic Latin "America" - they are really stupid, with the exception of Chile.

Add to this Peruvians feel "well formed" when they look Peruvian TV. But Peruvian TV mainly shows negative news, and above all foreigners are presented negatively only in negative news. That means that normal population always thinks that a foreigner would be rich and bad and one could not trust him. And also criminal Peruvian police is distributing this rumors systematically against foreigners manipulating documents and manipulating interrogations as in the case of the Dutchman Joran van der Sloot presented as a murderer but he never killed in Lima - but proofs are not investigated by Peruvian justice - and this is not the only one but systematically police is manipulating cases and justice is only copying the criminal Peruvian police and there are 1,000s of detainees in prison for NOTHING and murderers are free yet. That's Peruvian police and justice psychology. And Peruvian police and justice are feeling well with it.

And this combination of feelings of distrust and national pride results in a hatred against foreigners, and with these bad feelings many Peruvians are blocking their own chance. That means as long tourists are not racist, Peruvians will not have any respect from them because for the big majority of Peruvians racism is "normal" and they simply don't think about anything that there would be racist actions. It's a pity but it is like this. Peruvian government does not care about it because some victims are rated as "normal" in Peru...

Fleas: First as a European without dogs in the house I did not know what is a flea bite, but then in Peru I got some the first time in my life. The fact is that anti flea pill for the dogs is missing in Peru, and this is a catastrophe, and whole Peru is full of fleas and housewives have to sweep all days all apartments against fleas, a waste of time and energy which is incredible in Europe.

Right of priority from the right side? Only analyzing Peruvian Traffic Act I found out that Peru has no priority from the right side. Passing a crossing is allowed for the one who is "first" there. Well, this is really heavy because this provokes a society of pushy drivers: All are pushing and want to pass a crossing, and this pushy driver habit is also transmitted into other spheres of life. That's why people is absolutely crazy and every day they loose their nerves. Peaceful life is not foreseen in Peru. This counts also for many other countries of Latin "America". But in Argentina at least hand signal was introduced.

Bee wax balm is something good to protect wooden furniture against vermin and is smelling well, and this balm is without pollutants. But one cannot have it in Peru, one has to prepare furniture with chemicals.

Silicone solvent is very practical in Europe and almost not smelling bad. But in Peru one has to apply a fluid smelling like fuel.

Racism is also expressed in teeth care. Poor have no money for a dentist. Government does not import ELMEX. This is not important for the government, but mines and oil fields and gas fields are more important.

It's like this: When a European says to Peruvians how to improve their life they feel colonized and are making maneuvers against the European. Peruvians want to be stupid, that's it. Money which was given is abused. Furniture which was given was destroyed. There were also attempts to catholize the European. Criminal police is distributing wrong rumors and half-truths about the European manipulating neighbors and also youths in schools. Hospitality is limited in a higher rent for the flat because Europeans have to pay more for the rent. That's it. And by all this stupid and crazy Peruvians will remain stupid.

Something what does not exist in Europe, these are Peruvian fruits and vegetables. But when Peruvian racism is that strong, there is no joy to eat this any more...


                        Primera del Perú online, Logo

15/12/2011: Discriminación de los afroperuanos: 54% sintieron discriminados - 9% analfabetos - no existe ninguna estadistica pública

15.12.2011: Discrimination of African Peruvians: 54% feel discriminated - and 9% are illiterate - there is no public statistic

de / from: La Primera del Perú online: Población afro reclama más atención: El 54% de la población afroperuana reveló que alguna vez se sintió discriminada (Peruvians with African roots want to have more respect. 54% felt discriminated already, a survay says; 15 December 2011)

<El 54% de la población afroperuana reveló que alguna vez se sintió discriminada, especialmente en el caso de las mujeres, de acuerdo a cifras de la Encuesta Nacional Continua (ENCO).

Para atender las demandas de la población negra peruana, que engloba a 669,443 ciudadanos, el Ministerio de la Mujer desarrolló el foro “Diagnóstico sobre la problemática de género y la situación de las mujeres afro descendientes en el Perú”, realizado ayer en el Museo Nacional Afroperuano, en el Cercado de Lima.

“No existen políticas públicas que garanticen el desarrollo de mujeres y hombres afroperuanos y esto agrava la situación de exclusión y pobreza en la que viven. Precisamente una de las características que se observa es la ausencia de información estadística actualizada que nos permita plantear políticas públicas que sirvan para mejorar la calidad de vida de mujeres afro”, indicó Giovanna Carrillo, consultora de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID).

En cuanto al acceso a la Educación, la especialista citó que el 9% de la población afro en edad de saber leer y escribir no lo hacen y que de los 14,854 encuestados 1,994 son analfabetos. Asimismo, destacó que el 29% de las mujeres afroperuanas mayores de 50 años son analfabetas, en tanto el 17% del rango entre 36 a 50 años también lo son.>

<It was detected that 54% of Afro Peruvian population felt discriminated already one time in their life, especially women. This say numbers of National Perpetual Survey (Encuesta Nacional Continua, shortly ENCO).

669,443 persons were interrogated. With this data Ministry of Women developed a forum "diagnosis about problems of women in situation of women with African roots in Peru" which took place yesterday.

"There is no public policy garantying development of Afro Peruvian women or men, and this is worsening the situation of discrimination and poverty where they are living already. Precisely one of the caracters watching in this case is the missing of statistics and actual information making possible politic public projects making possible betterment of life quality of women with African roots, says Giovanna Carrillo, advisor of Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, kurz: AECID).

Concerning access to education facilities the specialist said that 9% of population with African roots from 7 years on cannot read or write, and from 14,854 people of the survey were 1,994 illiterate people. And also was said that 29% of Afro Peruvian women over 50 are illiterate, but between 36 and 50 there are 17% yet.>

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