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Puerto Maldonado 02: Tourist hotels and tourist information

Transport in Puerto Maldonado - accommodation - banks, information, tourist office - official offices

Main street
              of Puerto Maldonado  The Wasai
              lodge with bungalows on stilts in Puerto Maldonado 25m
              above the river banks

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)

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from: Dilwyn Jenkins: The rough guide to Peru; Rough Guides, New York, London, Delhi; 6th edition September 2006; www.roughguides.com

Transport in Puerto Maldonado

The quickest way of getting around town and its immediate environs is to hail [take] a motocar (75 cents in-town flat rate, but check before getting in) or passenger-carrying motorbikes (30 cents, also a flat rate).

Mototaxi ("motocar") in
                Puerto Maldonado
Mototaxi ("motocar") in Puerto Maldonado

If you fancy doing a bit of running about on your own, or have a lot of ground to cover in town, moped rental is a useful option; you'll find a reasonable place at Avenida Gonzalez Prada 321, by the Hotel Wilson ($1 for 1hr, $10 for 12hr; no deposit, but passports and driving licences required). Make sure there's ample petrol in the tank (p.547).

Accommodation in Puerto Maldonado

Map of the town of Puerto Maldonado with
                          tourist hotels and tourist information biggerMap of the town of Puerto Maldonado with tourist hotels and tourist information

1. Cabañaquinta
2. Hostal El Astro
3. Hostal El Solar
4. Hostal Moderno
5. Rey Port
6. Tambo de Oro
7. Wilson
8. Wasai

Puerto Maldonado has a reasonable range of hotels, most of them either on or within a couple of blocks of León de Velarde. All the better hotels offer protection against mosquitos and some sort of air-conditioning (p.547).

Cabaña Quinta
[Jirón] Cusco 535, T. 082-571045, Fax 571890, e-mail: cperezlencart@hotmail.com
This is close to the port and town center and is one of the more popular hotels in town. Rooms are comfortable, have air-conditioning and are surrounded by an attractive garden. There's also an excellent bar-restaurant.

Hotel Don Carlos
[Jirón] Velarde 1271, T. 082-571029, Fax 571323
This well-run place overlooks the Río Tambopata in a relatively pretty spot, within walking distance of the center, but just beyond the heart of town. It has a swimming pool, good restaurant, and many rooms, most with fans [ventilation] and TVs; all have private baths.

Hotel Don Carlos,
                        entrance side
Hotel Don Carlos, entrance side
Hotel Don Carlos,
Hotel Don Carlos, pool

Hospedaje Amarumayo
[Jirón] Libertad 433, T. 082-573860, e-mail: residenciaamarumayo@hotmail.com
This is a good deal, not least because it has a small pool and friendly staff; rooms have fans [ventilation] and private baths. Some 6km northwest from the town center, but only five minutes from the airport.

Hospedaje Rey Port
[Jirón] Velarde 457, T. 082-572685
Friendly but sometimes noisy; the beds are basic, rooms are small.

Hotel Iñapari
T. 082-572575, Fax 572155
Run by a Spanish couple, Isabel and Javier. Accommodation is in bungalows next to the forest, an atmospheric place to start a visit to the jungle (Javier organizes several trips), and the price includes excellent breakfasts and dinners.

Moderno Hostal
[Jirón] Billingshurst 357, T. 082-571063
A brightly painted and well-kept hotel, with something of a frontier-town character, not least by the nature of its clientele who are mainly river traders. The rooms here are small and bathrooms shared.

Wasai [lodge]
Plaza Grau 1, T./Fax 082-572290, e-mail: info@wasai.com, www.wasai.com, or in Cusco: T. 082-221826, or Lima: T. 01-436-8792
The best of the more expensive options, offering fine views over the Río Madre de Dios, and a swimming pool with a waterfall and bar set among trees, overlooking a canoe-builders' yard. All rooms are cabin-style with TV and shower, and staff here also organize local tours and run the Wasai Lodge (p.547).

The Wasai
              lodge with bungalows on stilts in Puerto Maldonado 25m
              above the river banks
The Wasai lodge with bungalows on stilts in Puerto Maldonado 25m above the river banks

[You have to know that the natives are satisfied with houses like this, with direct contact to god without many technical things, and you have to know what arrogant impression the western white man is making when he is arrogant]:

Typical houses of natives in Puerto
Typical houses of natives in Puerto Maldonado

Banks and exchange

-- Banco Credito
[Jirón] Arequipa 334 (Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 5-7pm)

-- Banco de la Nación
Jirón Daniel Carrion 233 (Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 5-7pm)

-- cambistas [money changer] usually hang out on the corner of [Avenida?] Prada and [Jirón] Puno,near the Hotel Wilson.

-- Your hotel might also change dollars.

Tourist information

Captain's office
[Jirón] León de Velarde, between Avenida Gonzalez Prada and [Jirón] Dos de Mayo. For permits to travel by river into the jungle. Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

Excellent-value hammocks are available from La Mascota, [Jirón] León de Velarde 599, on the corner of [Avenida] Gonzalez Prada

Telephones: The main offices of Telefónica del Perú are on block 7 of [Jirón] Puno (daily 7am-11pm). There are also public phones in most parts of the town (p.548).

Official Offices

Bolivian consulate
Jirón Loreto, on the Plaza de Armas (Mon-Fri 8am-3.30pm)

Post office
[Jirón] León de Velarde 675, opposite the corner of Jirón Jaime Troncoso. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-3pm

Immigration office
[Jirón] 26 de Diciembre 356, on block from the Plaza de Armas.

INRENA jungle office
(Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales) is where you have to go for permission to enter the National Parks of the region. The office in Puerto Maldonado is:

Dirección Subregional Agraria del departamento Madre de Dios [Subregional Agrarian management of Madre de Dios department], Avenida 28 de Julio 482, Puerto Maldonado;

or in Lima: Calle 17, 335 Urb. El Palomar, San Isidro, Lima, T. 01-224-3298, e-mail: comunicaciones@inrena.gob.pe

Bus connections of Puerto Maldonado

To Cusco are several buses weekly, a trip ov 2-6 days. To Iberia [before Iñapari in the North] the buses are very irregularly, a tripo of 8-12 hours (p.568).

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