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Iquitos: Accommodation and tourist information

Hotels, hostels - institutes - air lines - banks - consulates - shopping and more services

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)

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from: Dilwyn Jenkins: The rough guide to Peru; Rough Guides, New York, London, Delhi; 6th edition September 2006; www.roughguides.com

Accommodation in Iquitos

Map of Iquitos with tourist information
biggerMap of Iquitos with tourist information

[The telephone dialing code for Iquitos is 065, international 0051-65].

Like every other jungle town, Iquitos is a little expensive, but the standard of its hotels is very good and the range allows for different budgets. Even a room in an average sort of place will include a shower and fan [ventilation], and many others offer cable TV and minibars. Accommodation located north of the plaza offers closer access to the riverboat port and Río Nanay; while the area south of the plaza is nearer the main shops and Belén port and market (p.513).

Hostels and hotels north of Plaza de Armas

Amazon Apartments
[Jirón] Napo 274, on the Plaza de Armas, T. 065-243088.
Somewhere between an apartment building and hotel room, these suites are aimed mostly at the business traveler, offering rooms and suites, a small pool and Jacuzzi.

El Dorado Hotel
[Jirón] Napo 362, T. 065-232574, Fax 221985, e-mail: dorado@eldoradoplazahotel.com
Located less than a block from the Plaza de Armas, this is a reasonably good, if small hotel with cable TV, restaurant and a small pool (also available to restaurant patrons).

Hotel Hideout - The Great Amazon Safari and Trading Company
[Jirón Putumayo 437, T. 065-234099, e-mail: mail@safarisrus.net, www.safarisareus.net
A unique backpacker hostel in the heart of Iquitos offering a range of rooms, some with private bathrooms. There's a restaurant here with superb (p.513) meals, but it's a good idea to book your evening meal in the morning if you want to taste the wild game offered on the menu, since they may need to buy it specially. The owner leads some jungle expeditions.

Hostal Amazonas Plaza
Plaza de Armas, corner of [Jirón] Napo and [Jirón] Fitzcarrald, T./Fax 065-242431
A smart pleasant hostel with cable TV, minibars, and hot water in every room. However, it lacks the jungle-charm of most other Iquitos hotels and hostels in this price range.

Hostal La Pascana
[Jirón] Pevas 133, T. 065-231418, Fax 233466, e-mail: hs_pascana@tsi.com.pe, www.pascana.com
Appealing doubles based around a small courtyard close to the river, less than two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Clean, friendly, with book exchange and travel service; popular with travelers, it offers a ventilated, quiet haven from Iquitos' sometimes hectic street life. Best to book in advance.

Hostal Safari
[Jirón] Napo 118, T. 065-233828
Less than a block from the plaza, with clean and comfortable rooms, with fans and private baths, though a little dark. It can be noisy on weekend evenings.

Hotel El Dorado Plaza
[Jirón] Napo 258, Plaza de Armas, T. 065-222555, Fax 224304, e-mail reservas@eldoradoplazahotel.com, www.eldoradoplaza.com
The first-ever 5-star in Iquitos, this the best quality hotel in the entire Peruvian Amazon. Rooms are large and spacious with excellent showers, air-conditioning, cable TV and large beds; there's a very large and superbly cool and tastefully decorated lobby which features a glass lift rising to all six floors. In addition to the expected, fine service, El Dorado boasts a nice pool, a maloca-style bar, quality restaurant, and some fantastic rainforest-inspired paintings by the local artist Francisco Grippa scattered about.

Hotel Marañon
[Jirón] Fitzcarrald with [Jirón] Nauta 285, T. 065-242673, Fax 231737, e-mail: hmaranon@ec_red.com, www.hotelmaranon.cjb.net [not existing in 2008]
A new, centrally located hotel with small pool, restaurant/bar, and cable TV plus min bars in all rooms. Breakfast is included.

Hostels and hotels south of Plaza de Armas

Copoazu Hotel
Jirón Prospero 644, T. 065-232373, e-mail: hotel_copoazu@yahoo.com
A modern hotel with comfortable rooms; fairly central location offering airport transfer, 24hr room service, money change and a safe if required.

Hostal La Libertad
[Jirón] Arica 361, T./Fax 065-235763
A fine backpackers' place; rooms have private bathrooms, hot water and cable TV, plus there's a restaurant. It's also home to a good tour company.

Hostal Lima
[Jirón] Prospero 549, T. 065-221409
The place doesn't look like much from the outside but is surprisingly pleasant, possessing a certain jungle flavour, with parrots on the patio. Rooms have private bath and fans [ventilation].

Hostal Peru
[Jirón] Prospero 318, T. 065-231531
Rather down-at-heel, though still popular with locals and travelers alike, perhaps because of its old-fashioned architecture and fittings. It has shared bathrooms, fans in all rooms and for $2 extra you can have cable TV.

Hotel Sandalo
[Jirón] Prospero 616, T. 065-234761, Fax 243643, e-mail: sandalo@hotmail.com
This place has pretty comfortable rooms with private baths and includes breakfast in the price; they will also arrange for airport transfers. Rooms have cable TV and minibars; the lobby has a nice jungle decor.

Hotel Eunice
[Jirón] Arica 780, T. 065-233405, Fax 243607
Some amazingly large rooms, some with stereos, TV and minibar. Very friendly and good value.

Hotel Europa
[Jirón] Prospero 494, T. 065-231123, Fax 235483, e-mail: heuropa@meganet.com.pe
Central with a pleasant ambiance, small restaurant and bar. All rooms have cable TV, air-conditioning, minibar and private bathrooms.

Hotel Victoria Regia
[Jirón] Ricardo Palma 252, T. 065-231983, Fax 232499, e-mail: info@victoriaregiahotel.com,
Quite luxurious for Iquitos with a small pool, good security and sterling service.

Real Hotel
Malecón Tarapaca, T. 065-231011
The former Gran Hotel Iquitos, this really doesn't look so grand today, despite its location right between El Boulevard and the Malecón Tarapaca. Nevertheless many of its rooms have private bathrooms and fine views over the waterfront. There's also a decent restaurant (p.514).

Tourist information

National institutes

INRENA (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales)
-- [Jirón] Pevas 350-363, T. 065-231330
-- Cusco: T. 084-232980, Fax 234861, e-mail: mps-zrg@aeci.org.pe
-- Lima: Calle 17, 335 Urb. El Palomar, San Isidro, Lima, T. 01-224-3298, e-mail: comunicaciones@inrena.gob.pe

Instituto Nacional de Cultura
[Jirón] Huallaga 274, www.siturismo.org.pe

Migraciones (Migration office)
[Jirón] Nauta, Block 4, T. 065-235371 (Mon-Fri 8am-1pm, 1.30-4.30pm). This is the immigration office where you need to go to extend or renew your Peruvian tourist card or visa.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve Office
[Jirón] Ricardo Palma 113, third floor, T. 065-233980, e-mail: rnps-zrg@aeci.org.pe
Good for maps, information on the National Reserve and permission to enter it.

-- Tourist police, [Jirón] Sargento Lores 834, T. 065-242801
-- Guardia Nacional, the Comisaria at [Jirón] Morona, Calle Morona 120, T. 065-231123

Air traffic

Aeropuerto Internacional Francisco Secada Vignetta, 6km, T. 065-260147


Lan Peru
[Jirón] Prospero block 2 (next to Banco de Credito)

[Jirón] Arica block 2

Aero Condor
[Jirón] Prospero block 2, T. 065-231086

Star Peru
[Jirón] Napo 298, T. 065-236208, Fax 065-234173

Grupo 42
[Jirón] Prospero 215, T. 065-221071 or 221086
for very reasonably priced flights to Requena, Angamos, and Santa Rosa (p.519)

Banks and exchange

Banco de Credito
[Jirón] Putumayo 201

Banco Wiese
[Jirón] Prospero 282
for Master Card

Banco de la Nación

Banco Continental
[Jirón] Prospero Block 3, with a 24hr ATM [automated teller machine, cash machine], and also on [Jirón] Sargento Lores, block 1

[Jirón] Prospero 336

Banco Latino
[Jirón] Prospero 332

Banco del Trabajo
[Jirón] Prospero block 1
has an ATM taking Visa

Casa de cambio
corner of [Jirón] Sargento Lores with [Jirón] Prospero
The only place said to be reasonably safe for changing with cambistas [money changers] (especially okay with Genaro Sullo, Fernando Echegalier and Danilo Melendez) on the street is at the corner of [Jirón] Morona with [Jirón] Arica, by the post office (p.519).


-- Brazil: [Jirón] Morona 238, T. 065-232081

-- Colombia: corner of [Jirón] Nauta with [Jirón] Callao, T. 094-231461

-- UK: [Jirón] Putumayo 182, T. 065-222732

[and many more].


Crafts centers (artesanía markets)
-- Anaconda, Malecón Tarapaca (8am-9pm daily)
-- Mercado Artesanal San Juan, Avenida Quiñones Km 4.5 (8am-9pm).
-- Artesanias La Jungla, [Jirón] Prospero 483 (baskets, mats, hammocks, gourds, postcards and souvenirs
-- Artesanias Sudamerica, Casa de Fierro, Plaza de Armas, Prospero 175 (hammocks and alpaca goods)
-- Artesanias Todo Peru, [Jirón] Prospero 685 (hammocks, hats, jewelery, musical instruments and souvenirs)
-- Bazar Daniela, [Jirón] 9 de Diciembre 234 (useful trade items for visiting local villages, such as cloth, beads and coloured threads)
-- Comercial Cardinal, [Jirón] Prospero 300 (fishing tackle, compasses, knives)
-- Taller de Arte, [Jirón] Prospero 593/595 (carved wooden sculptures and household artefacts)

Some more services

-- Bike hire : Jungle Bike, T. 065-266631

-- courier services: A DHL service is available at [Jirón] Prospero 648, T. 065-232131

-- hospital: Hospital regional de [del departamento de] Loreto, Avenida 28 de Julio, Punchana, T. 065-252004

-- Soho Internet, [Jirón] Putumayo 382, has fast computers and snacks
-- El Cyber, [Jirón] Arica 122, on the Plaza de Armas, is a large and popular internet facility (no drinks or food)

-- jungle supplies: Mad Mick's Trading Post, [Jirón] Putumayo 184b; very centrally located, this shop has been specifically established to provide the basic essentials for a jungle trip, including rubber boots [natives never need], rainproof ponchos [natives never need], sun-hats [natives never need], fishing tackle etc. They will rent out rubber boots, $8 hire cost ($4 charge, $4 deposit), with deposit returned in exchange for boots after jungle trip

-- LavaCenter, [Jirón] Prospero 459, T. 065-242136
-- Lavandería Imperial, [Jirón] Putumayo 150
-- Lavandería Popular, Calle Loreto 640.

-- Botica Amazonicas, [Jirón] Prospero 699, T. 065-231832
-- Botica Virgen de Chapi, [Jirón] Prospero 461

-- post office: SERPOST, [Jirón] Arica 402, Mon-Sat 7am-7.30pm

-- [Jirón] Sargento Flores 321, daily 7am-11pm
-- International phone calls at [Jirón] Napo 349, next to Western Union office (p.519).

Addition: Tourist information about Iquitos according to Trotamundos (in Spanish)

Tourist information about Iquitos
                          (Trottamundos), p. 210-211
Tourist information about Iquitos (Trottamundos), p. 210-211
Tourist information about Iquitos
                          (Trottamundos), p. 212-213
Tourist information about Iquitos (Trottamundos), p. 212-213
Tourist information about Iquitos
                          (Trottamundos), p. 214-215
Tourist information about Iquitos (Trottamundos), p. 214-215
Tourist information about Iquitos
                          (Trottamundos), map with hotels
Tourist information about Iquitos (Trottamundos), map with hotels

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