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Note: Mining is polluting everything - refuse mining

1. Mercury - 2. Cyanide - 3. polluted miners - 4. destructed families and prostitution and alcohol, and all birds are dying - and gays - 5. territories can sink by tunnels - 6. smelting plants provoking more pollution - 7. final conclusion: mining "investment" is toxic - 8. refuse mining - be safe and happy with clean industries and enterprises and more tourism and contacts

Cyanide with
              a skull on the home page "The 10 strongest poisons of
              the world"
Cyanide has got a skull on the web site "The 10 strongest poisons of the world" (orig. Spanish: "Los 10 venenos más poderosos del mundo")

by Michael Palomino (2012)

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A gold mine is especially polluting rivers and whole regions

by mercury and by cyanide in the rivers and in the air distributed by the wind, and there are more substances of the explosives in the tunnels mixing with the water in the mountains.

Any mining work with gold is a very bad mine and not a good one. This counts for the whole world. Here are the proofs:

1. Mercury

Mercury is a poison affecting and destructing the nerves. In the chemical world mercury is rated as "very dangerous" and "very toxic" with skull and bones as it's symbol which can be seen in the German article about mercury "Quecksilber" of Wikipedia. And one has to know that mercury also has got an effect in form of fumes, and these fumes are existing with normal house temperatures already, so from about 15 degrees Celsius upwards, and these fumes can contaminate the whole mining region, and the miners are always inhaling these fumes, and therefore they are poisoning themselves.

Mercurio es calificado con la
                calavera y con "T+" (muy tóxico), además es
                calificado como "peligroso para el ambiente" y
                mata árboles y peces, según la calificación en la Unión
                Europea, artículo alemán de Wikipedia
Mercury is rated with skull and bones and with a "T+" (very toxic), add to this is rated "dangerous for the environment" killing trees and fishes, according to the rating of European Union, see the German article "Quecksilber" in Wikipedia.

About mercury the web site "Mercury Mine" (orig. German: "Quecksilber Bergwerk") makes a general indication:

<Mercury is toxic. Unfortunately mercury is vaporizing with normal room temperatures [this means from about 15 degrees Celsius on. Mercury is vaporizing like water in the room when one is leaving a glass of water in the room during 4 weeks only half of it is left]. And mercury fumes are especially dangerous. When humans are inhaling mercury the body is not capable to exude this mercury but mercury is accumulating in the body provoking symptoms of intoxication gradually and this can hurt much and can provoke the death normally.>

(orig. German:
<Quecksilber ist giftig. Unglücklicherweise verdunstet Quecksilber bei Zimmertemperatur und der Quecksilberdampf ist besonders gefährlich. Der Körper ist nicht in der Lage Quecksilber auszuscheiden, so reichert es sich im Laufe der Zeit an bis es zu Vergiftungserscheinungen kommt. Quecksilbervergiftungen sind äusserst schmerzhaft und in der Regel tödlich.>)

Mercury fumes: The same home page "Mercury Mine" (orig. German: "Quecksilber Bergwerk") indicates clearly that there is much mercury in the mines, and therefore there are many mercury fumes, and the miners are always intoxicated by these mercury fumes:

<By special physical properties mercury can be found many times in it's pure form in the mining tunnels. Therefore it's possible to catch it in the mines simply with a dropper. Therefore being in a mine is very dangerous because this pure mercury is evaporating and there are always mercury fumes in the mine being inhaled by the miners, and this is very dangerous. When the miners are in the mines for years, they suffer a disastrous effect of course.>

(orig. German:
<Durch seine besonderen physikalischen Eigenschaften kommt Quecksilber in der Natur recht häufig in gediegener Form vor. So ist es möglich Quecksilber in Bergwerken einfach mit Hilfe einer Pipette aufzulesen. Doch ist das äußerst gefährlich, da das gediegene Quecksilber verdunstet und so diese Bergwerke besonders gefährlich sind. Dies wirkt sich natürlich auf Bergarbeiter die jahrelang in dem Bergwerk arbeiten fatal aus.>)

An English home page "Mercury" is also indicating that mercury is vaporizing gradually and therefore should be kept in sealed boxes (!):

<Special storage: Mercury should be coated with a plastic material or placed in a sealed container since the mercury will vaporize over time.>

Question: How are the temperatures in a mine? Can be from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (75-85 Fahrenheit) [web01], but when there are fires or blasting operations, then the temperatures are much higher and there are more toxic fumes [web02]. Well, mining is very poisoning.

Toxic effects of mercury: In the Spanish article about mercury "mercurio" of Wikipedia there are clear indications about toxic effects of mercury to organs and to fetus and also affecting the brain:

<High expositions to metallic, inorganic or organic mercury can harm forever the brain, the kidneys and the development of the fetus. Add to this there are effects damaging the brain causing tenseness, shyness, shiver, eye problems, and memory problems.>

(orig. Spanish:
<La exposición a altos niveles de mercurio metálico, inorgánico, u orgánico puede dañar permanentemente el cerebro, los riñones y al feto en desarrollo. Efectos sobre el funcionamiento del cerebro: irritabilidad, timidez, temblores, cambios en los problemas de visión o audición, y en la memoria.>

And there is more:

<Short time exposition to high level mercury fumes can cause effects like lung damage, fainting, vomiting, diarrhea, hypertension, cardiac dysrhythmia, eczemas, and eye problems.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

(orig. Spanish:
<La exposición a corto plazo a altos niveles de vapores de mercurio puede causar efectos que incluyen daño a los pulmones, náuseas, vómitos, diarrea, aumento de la presión arterial o del ritmo cardíaco, erupciones en la piel, e irritación ocular.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

And what will happen with the miners and the mining region when there is a mercury contamination? - People is losing their senses and is made stupid e.g. by obliviousness. With the fetus it's like this:

<The toxic effects of mercury can be transmitted from the mother to the fetus, and the damages among others can be brain damage, mental backwardness, coordination failure, blindness, cramps and incapacity of speaking.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

(orig. Spanish:
<Los efectos nocivos del mercurio que pueden ser transmitidos de la madre al feto, e incluyen daño cerebral, retraso mental, falta de coordinación, ceguera, convulsiones e incapacidad para hablar.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

And with the children the mercury fume effect is like this:

<Children with mercury intoxication can develop problems in their nervous system and digestion system, and there can be also kidney damages.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

(orig. Spanish:
<Los niños con envenenamiento por mercurio pueden desarrollar problemas en sus sistemas nervioso y digestivo y daños renales.> (Spanish Wikipedia article "mercurio")

The home page "My own poker. The 10 strongest poisons of the world" (orig. Spanish: "Mi propio cambalache. Los 10 venenos más poderosos del mundo" for example is indicating about mercury the following:

<Inhaled mercury. It's fume attacks the heart, breaks off the central nervous system and the lungs. [...] It's damaging effect is working by inhalation, by eating it and by touching it. This product provokes heavy irritations of skin, eyes and airways.> (page "The 10 poisons", orig. Spanish: "Los 10 venenos")

(orig. Spanish:
<Mercurio, inhalado. Su vapor ataca el cerebro, terminando con el sistema nervioso central, y los pulmones. [...] Es dañino por inhalación, ingestión y contacto. Producto muy irritante para la piel, ojos y vías respiratorias.> (home page "The 10 most toxic poisons", orig. Spanish: "Los 10 venenos")

There are more damages by mercury, above all in combination with other metals, with amalgams etc. But for us here this is enough. People searching in the Internet can find more damaging effects by mercury.

Using mercury in the mine: Mercury is not only found in it's pure form in the mine, but in small mines it's used in the working process of gold. When the gold containing rock is ground into sand or mud, mercury is given to the sand or to the mud as a binder absorbing the gold dust. The miners normally are working without any protection. There is e.g. a web site "Mercury Mine" (orig. German "Quecksilber Bergwerk") indicating this:

<Unfortunately mercury can be used for winning gold. Gold mostly is in the rock in form of dust in the sediments. [Then the rock is ground into sand or with water to mud], then mercury is added and the gold is coming out in the drops of mercury. Add to this mercury is heavier and can be separated easily from the mud. Of course there is remaining some mercury n the mud [or in the sand], and therefore [there is left much polluted sand or mud with mercury in the deposits around the mines] and therefore the mines are polluting the whole region forever [by distribution by rain or by distribution of the dust by the wind].>

(orig. German:
<Unglücklicherweise kann Quecksilber für die Gewinnung von Gold verwendet werden. Goldablagerungen in Sedimenten bestehen meist aus fein verteiltem Goldstaub. [Das Gestein wird gemahlen und mit Wasser zu einem "Goldschlamm"]. Wird zu dem goldhaltigen Schlamm Quecksilber hinzugefügt sammeln die Quecksilbertröpfchen den Goldstaub auf und binden ihn. Das schwere Quecksilber kann dann durch sein hohes spezifisches Gewicht verhältnismäßig einfach vom Sand separiert werden. Natürlich kann das Quecksilber nicht wieder vollständig getrennt werden, und so verseuchen derartige Goldgewinnungsanlagen  [bzw. der quecksilberverseuchte Sand oder Schlamm, der übrigbleibt] die Umgebung mit Quecksilber [durch Verfrachtung durch Regenwasser oder durch Verfrachtung des Staubs durch den Wind].>)

Another home page is called "Gold" (orig. German: "Gold") indicating this. Read well:

<The connection between gold and mercury is quite strong and can be used for winning gold. Therefore [after having ground the gold containing rock producing sand or mud with gold in it] the sands and muds are melt with mercury. Mercury is connecting itself with the gold forming amalgams, a metal connection with a silver color. This amalgam is accumulating on the bottom of the vessel and can be easily separated. Then the amalgam is heated and the mercury is vaporizing and crude gold is remaining. This process was applied during in the ancient world already.>

(orig. German:
<Neben seiner hohen Dichte kann die Bindung Amalgam zwischen Gold und Quecksilber zur Goldgewinnung genutzt werden. Hierbei [wird das gesprengte Gestein gemahlen, und dann] werden goldhaltige Sande und Schlämme intensiv mit Quecksilber vermischt. Quecksilber bildet mit dem Gold Amalgam, eine flüssige Legierung mit silberner Farbe. Das Amalgam sammelt sich am Gefäßgrund und kann dort leicht abgetrennt werden. Durch Erhitzen verdampft das Quecksilber und zurück bleibt kompaktes Rohgold. Das Amalgamverfahren wurde bereits in der Antike angewendet.>)

The pollution of the environment is like this:

<Considerable volumes of toxic mercury are leaving with the water during the treatment of the mud already, or are leaving vaporizing into the air. Therefore many territories and rivers remain polluted forever.>

(orig. German:
Beträchtliche Mengen von hochgiftigem Quecksilber, schon bei der Goldgewinnung mit ausgeschwemmt oder beim Verdampfen wissentlich in die Umwelt freigesetzt, vergiften große Gebiete und Flussläufe dauerhaft.>)

A mine left after the work remains very dangerous: And when all gold has been worked and the mine is left alone, so the pure mercury on the mine's floor is also left, and it can be that underground water is coming in mixing all there and it will be very dangerous, according to the home page "Mercury Mine" ("Quecksilber Bergwerk"):

<Also open mines with mercury left without works can convert themselves into a big danger of health for the local population. Underground water can infiltrate and can mix itself with the mercury and with other substances [on the ground] and therefore the toxic substances can enter the water system of the whole region and therefore the toxic metals of the mine will be in the foodstuff cycle.>

(orig. German:
Auch alte aufgelassene Quecksilber Bergwerke können zu einer Gefahr für die Gesundheit der Anwohner werden. Grundwasser dringt in die aufgelassenen Schächte ein und nimmt Quecksilber und andere toxische Stoffe auf, die so in das Trinkwasser und in den Nahrungskreislauf gelangen können.>)

And the presidents don't know anything of this: And why the Presidents of South "America" and the Peruvian government want this dangerous mining? - Because they have their calculation tables and these problems and damages are simply not mentioned in their tables but they say that this would not be important!

And why the enterprises of the Whites in North "America" and of Europe are offering this dangerous mining service? - Because they are racist and life of miners does not count for them in their calculation tables, and the damages simply are not mentioned in their calculation tables. It's not important for them either!


Now comes cyanide which is also used in mining in the big gold mines. Let's see:

On the home page "10 most toxic poisons" (orig. Spanish: "Mi propio cambalache: los 10 venenos más poderosos del mundo") there is a clear list. And cyanide and mercury are rated within these 10 most toxic poisons of the world:
1. Botulinum toxin
2. Ricin
3. Antrax
4. Sarin
5. Tetrodotoxin
6. Cyanide (<eaten or inhaled [...] provokes attacks, cardiac arrest and death within some minutes.>)
(orig. Spanish: <ingerido o inhalado [...] ataques, paro cardíaco y muerte en unos minutos.>)

7. Mercury (<it's fumes are attacking the heart, are finishing with the nervous system and with the lungs.> <Is harmful by inhalation, eaten and by contact. Has got a very irritating effect to the skin, to the eyes and to the airways.>)
(orig. Spanish: <su vapor ataca el cerebro, terminando con el sistema nervioso central y los pulmones.> <Es dañino por inhalación, ingestión y contacto. Producto muy irritante para la piel, ojos y vías respiratorias.>)

8. Strychnine [a pesticide e.g. in rat poison]
9. Amatoxin
10. Compound 1080 [a pesticide].

Therefore mining is attacking the miners and the mining regions with the most dangerous substances rated as number 6 (cyanide) and number 7 (mercury). The web site "The 10 poisons" has put a skull to the cyanide.
Cyanide with a skull on the home
                page "The 10 strongest poisons of the world"
                (orig. Spanish: "Los 10 venenos más poderosos del
Cyanide with a skull on the home page "The 10 strongest poisons of the world"
(orig. Spanish: "Los 10 venenos más poderosos del mundo")

The effect of cyanide: it's absolutely mortal and lethal: Here are more details about mortal cyanide:

<The salts of cyanide are used in metal working for galvanization, cleaning of metals and for processing gold separating it from other materials.> ("The 10 strongest poisons")

(orig. Spanish: <Las sales de cianuro son utilizadas en la metalurgia para galvanización, limpieza de metales y la recuperación del oro del resto de material eliminado. > (página "Los 10 venenos")

And therefore every mine has got a cyanide "soap" in the "retention basin", and this "soap" is threatening the whole region and and the rivers, lakes, and lagoons. Cyanide is absolutely mortal and lethal and is killing within 10 seconds to some minutes:

<Cyanide is a chemical substance and is potentially mortal and lethal acting like a poison blocking certain mitocondrial proteins, blocking the Krebs cycle, this is the central respiration process of the cells. The effect of cyanide is working already with little quantities. The being is killed under aching cramps which can last between 10 seconds and some minutes.> (home page "The 10 strongest poisons")

(orig. Spanish: <El cianuro es una sustancia química, potencialmente letal, que actúa como tóxico a través de la inhibición de ciertas proteínas mitocondriales, bloqueando el Ciclo de Krebs, sistema central del proceso de respiración celular. Si bien su efectividad a bajas concentraciones es fulminante, el individuo muere bajo dolorosos espasmos y convulsiones que pueden tardar entre diez segundos a unos minutos.> (página "Los 10 venenos").

The German article about cyanide "Cyanid" of Wikipedia indicates clearly and shortly the mortal and lethal effect of cyanide:

<The mechanism of cyanide intoxication has got it's base with the blocking of the enzyme cytocrhome-c-oxidase in the respiratory chain. Thereby the cell cannot work any more with the oxigen any more. [...] The skin is getting a rose color because the blood in the veins has got it's oxygen yet which could not be transformed.>

(orig. German:
<Der Mechanismus der Zyanid-Vergiftung beruht auf der Hemmung des Enzyms Cytochrom-c-Oxidase in der Atmungskette.[1] Dadurch wird die Sauerstoffverwertung in der Zelle verhindert. [...] Die hellrote Färbung der Haut ist ein typisches Anzeichen einer Vergiftung mit Zyaniden: Das venöse Blut ist noch mit Sauerstoff angereichert, da der Sauerstoff von den Zellen nicht verwertet werden konnte.>)

Add to this one has to know that a cyanide capsule is a method committing suicide within 30 seconds and all is over. In this way many generals and commanders made suicide at the end of Second World War. And when cyanide is getting into rivers all will be killed, and when cyanide gets into a lagoon or into a lake so all will be killed for 100s or years.

Some more details are given in the Spanish article about cyanide "cianuro" in Wikipedia about the mortal and lethal effects of cyanide: it's blocking the cells and thereby is blocking the cell's respiration and all is killed:

<Cyanide is potentially mortal acting like a toxic blocking the citocrome-d-oxidase complex, and therefore it's blocking the transportation chain of electrons which is the central process of the cell respiration. As a consequence this provokes a low oxygen level in the cells blocking homeostasis of the cells. Also affects the transport of electrons by the channels because they stay with a negative load, and a positive environment is created inside the cell. This generates big quantities of charges that are enough energy for the conversion of AMP (Adenosin monophosphate) into ADP (Adenosin diphosphate). Therefore some processes are overstimulated.

Principal effect of mortal and lethal variations of cyanides is the blocking of usage of oxygen in the red blood cells, oxygen cannot be used as aceptor of hydrogene any more at the end of the intramitocondrial respiration chain. In an autopsy the presented dead body presents big quantities of oxygen in the veins and a big quantity of lactic acid, product of anaerobic respiration by the cells which are without oxygen.

The investigated chemical substances in the products on the base of acetonitrile used mainly for removing artificial finger nails can release cyanide when it's inhaled by accident and therefore can have a lethal effect by cardiac arrest.

Cyanide is not persistent and has got no suffocating effect, because in nature it's well destroyed by action of the sun light (by ozone), descomposing by oxidation in gases of COx and NOx. It forms chlorates and nitrites which are well used in purification water plants with plumb polluted water.

Environment board of the "USA" (EPA) rules that cyanide in the water is only allowed with 0.2 parts per million (0.2 ppm). European Health board (OSHA) is ruling that 10 parts per million (10 ppm) are allowed in the air of the working place.

For industrial destruction of cyanide there are four methods: natural degradation, chemical oxidation, precipitation and biodegradation. There exist technologies for reusing and for recycling. Industrial use and mining usage of cyanide has to be fulfill strict norms as are suggested by International Council of Metals and Environment with it's seat in Ontario, Canada (2012).>

[But reality is another one and no mining enterprise is fulfilling the norms because otherwise mining would not be profitable any more].

(orig. Spanish:

<Es potencialmente letal, actuando como tóxico a través de la inhibición del complejo citocromo c oxidasa, y por ende bloqueando la cadena transportadora de electrones, sistema central del proceso de respiración celular. Por consecuencia, causa una baja en el oxígeno intracelular, impidiendo la homeostasis de las células. Afecta también, al estar cargado negativamente, el traspaso de electrones por medio de canales, creando un ambiente positivo dentro de la célula.[cita requerida] Esto genera una gran cantidad de cargas que generan suficiente energía como para que el AMP (Adenosín monofosfato) cíclico se pueda convertir en ADP (Adenosín difosfato), creando una sobreestimulación en varios procesos.[cita requerida]

El principal efecto nocivo y letal de las diversas variedades de cianuro es el impedir que el oxígeno portado por los glóbulos rojos pueda ser utilizado como aceptor de hidrógeno en el final de la cadena respiratoria intramitocondrial. En una autopsia, el cadáver presenta gran cantidad de oxígeno en las venas y una gran cantidad de ácido láctico, producto de la respiración anaeróbica realizada por las células carentes de oxígeno.

Las sustancias químicas encontradas en productos hechos a base de acetonitrilo, utilizados para quitar uñas postizas principalmente, pueden liberar cianuro si se ingieren accidentalmente y como consecuencia la muerte por paro cardio respiratorio.[cita requerida]

El cianuro no es persistente ni asfixiante, ya que en la naturaleza se destruye por acción de la luz solar (por medio del ozono), descomponiéndose por oxidación en gases de tipo COx y NOx. Creando cloratos y nitritos muy utilizados en la purificación del agua contaminada con plomo.

La Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente de EE. UU. (EPA) regula los niveles permitidos de cianuro en el agua potable por medio de sales de potasio. El nivel máximo de cianuro permitido en el agua potable es 0.2 partes de cianuro por millón de partes de agua (0.2 ppm). La Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional de U.E. (EU-OSHA, por sus siglas en inglés) ha establecido un límite para el cianuro de hidrógeno y la mayoría de las sales de cianuro de 10 partes de cianuro por un millón de partes de aire (10 ppm) en el aire del trabajo.

Para la destrucción industrial del cianuro se utilizan cuatro métodos: degradación natural, oxidación química, precipitación y biodegradación. Existen tecnologías de reutilización o reciclado. El uso industrial y minero del cianuro debe ajustarse a normas estrictas, como las que aconseja el Consejo Internacional de Metales y Medio Ambiente, con sede en Ontario, Canadá (2012).>

[Pero la experiencia muestra que ninguna empresa minera cumple las leyes de otra manera la minería no sería rentable más].

The application of cyanide in the gold mining industry: Gold mining industry seems to be absolutely PERVERSE working with cyanide winning big quantities of gold. The German article "gold" of Wikipedia indicates clearly that cyanide is used in a liquid getting respectively precipitating the gold, and then the rest is dried and there remains mud and sand polluted with cyanide which is distributed by the win and by rain polluting the whole mining region because they don't know what to do with the cyanide polluted mud and sand:

<When there are bigger quantities of gold to win being possible to process it with industrial methods, so cyanide solution is applied. Gold can be dissolved as a complex chemical combination in sodium cyanide solution containing oxygen (sodium salt of cyanhydric acid HCN). Therefore [first the rock with the gold in it is ground into sand, and then] after having been ground into fine sand this sand is piled up and is trickled down step by step with the chemical solution added under free air. First the little gold metal parts are dissolved because they are reacting.

              química 01 sobre la minería de oro con cianuro

The noble metal can be found in the chemical solution respectively is now dissolved in the absolutely toxic seepage water. After a filtration zinc is added precipitating the gold in the mud, and after washing and drying by a reduction the crude gold is worked out.

              química 02 sobre la minería de oro con cianuro

Now follows the cleaning of the gold, and then refining of the gold being fine gold at the end, standardized and ready for the market.

Cyanide solutions are always used again and again in the working cycle. But cyanhydric acid and their salts (cyanides) are escaping into the environment, partly also in bigger quantities when there are accidents, failures of the plant, floods etc. It's absolutely noteworthy that cyanhydric acid is already released from the chemical solutions by carbon dioxide in the air. All these elements are very toxic, but also easily decomposable. In nature they are degraded relatively fast by oxidation or by hydrolysis.

This kind winning gold is leaving big deposits of mining waste and dusts polluted with cyanide. Wind and water are distributing the polluted dust without control and can provoke heavy ecological [and human] damages.>

(orig. German:

Bei größeren Vorkommen, die eine industrielle Erschließung erlauben, wird die Cyanidlaugung angewendet. Vor dem Hintergrund, dass sich Gold in sauerstoffhaltiger Natriumcyanid-Lösung (Natriumsalz der Blausäure HCN) als Komplexverbindung löst, werden die metallhaltigen Sande staubfein gemahlen, aufgeschichtet und im Rieselverfahren mit der Extraktionslösung unter freiem Luftzutritt versetzt. Die kleinsten Metallteilchen werden hierbei zuerst aufgelöst, weil sie die relativ größte Reaktionsoberfläche haben.

Formula química 01 sobre la
                  minería de oro con cianuro

Das Edelmetall findet sich chemisch gebunden im hochgiftigen Sickerwasser. Nach Filtration und Ausfällung mit Zinkstaub erhält man es als braunen Schlamm, aus dem nach Waschen und Trocknen durch Reduktion Rohgold wird.

Formula química 02 sobre la
                  minería de oro con cianuro

Hieran schließt sich die Reinigung des Rohgoldes an. Raffiniert zu Feingold ist es dann standardisiert und marktreif.

Die Cyanidlaugen werden in Kreislaufprozessen wiederverwendet. Dennoch entweichen Blausäure und ihre Salze (Cyanide) in die Umwelt, teilweise auch in größeren Mengen, etwa bei Unglücken, Fehlfunktionen der Anlage, Überschwemmungen etc. Erwähnenswert ist, dass Blausäure bereits durch den Kohlendioxidanteil der Luft aus den Lösungen freigesetzt wird. Alle diese Stoffe sind hochgiftig, allerdings auch leicht zersetzbar. Im Stoffkreislauf der Natur werden sie relativ schnell oxidativ abgebaut oder durch Hydrolyse zersetzt.

Diese Art der Goldgewinnung hinterlässt enorme Abraumhalden und Stäube mit Cyanidspuren. Staubverfrachtungen durch Wind und Wasser verteilen die Giftstoffe unkontrolliert und können schwere ökologische Schäden [und Schäden am Menschen] verursachen.[20]>

Why is this toxic mining permitted in South "America"?

Answer: Because the "catholic" presidents and governments with their ministers and their "catholic" moms in the ministerial boards and the "commanders" don't know anything of the mining dangers, because they don't read, and because they don't listen to the population, and because the mining enterprises are racist using the miners as their "material", and it's not important for these racist foreigners how they will leave the region, and it's not important for these racist foreigners how is damaged the health of the local population.

And mining with mercury and cyanide is also permitted because UNO is not forbidding this mining because any state "wants gold", but considering all the damage which gold mining is provoking taxes are missing and the price for gold should be doubled or even tripled considering all the damage provoked by this kind of mining.

By the indifference not wanting to read nor to listen these latino "catholic" governments ("Christians"!!) don't protect their countries and the arrogant and racist enterprises from abroad can pollute all latino countries as they want...

And even in North "America" and in the Stupid States [which always are making war for nothing] and in Canada [which is always collaborating with the States when there are wars] are polluting their countries and the populations by mining, e.g. with uranium mines in native reservations. O yes, and these stupid governments of North "America" call themselves also "Christian" (!) making war with the cross in their hands...

All this also counts for mining in Africa and in Asia and in Russia.

And now it's clear that any Bible is not protecting from pollution by mining. Only logic thinking and the energy of the Great Spirit is giving the big force correcting this destructive policy with a positive and integrative economy protecting the populations giving them the right for pure water and a pure landscape without pollution. Only logic thinking and the energy of the Great Spirit can stop this abuse of the populations and natives being abused like "material" for the racist mining enterprises. And there is missing much yet. We have to missionize the Presidents!!!

Now how is working this really?

"Retention basins" are mortal traps with mercury and cyanide

When a mining enterprise indicates that they will build up a "retention basin" as a prevention for not polluting rivers and lagoons, so the problem is not at all solved because there can be accidents, and as we have seen in the text above there is wind distributing the cyanide dust in the whole region.

A "retention basin" is only a "basin", but with mercury and cyanide these "retention basins" are a mortal and lethal trap. And at the end the enterprise is leaving the location leaving the basin there and they don't want to have anything with this mortal waste. That's why: MINING IS POLLUTING EVERYTHING - say no to mining. There are better works to do.

All this damage is paying nobody of the mining enterprises but they think that they have no responsibility polluting Peru and other countries. And the President - not important from which political party - it's not important form him.

Therefore we don't accept this any more:


And in a region like the Andes in Peru there are many earthquakes and a "retention basin" always can break off and all the "toxic soap" is leaving and all will be killed, and when lagoons and lakes are polluted nothing will live there anymore.


Cases with broken or left "retention basins" without control:

-- the cause was a fire: fire catastrophe of Schweizerhalle in Switzerland when all the chemical toxic content of a "retention basis" got into Rhine river killing everything, 1986
-- the cause was bad maintenance: in Rumania in the Carpathian Mountains near a gold mine a "retention basin" broke killing all in Tisza river in Hungary in 2000
-- the cause was bad maintenance in combination with floods: an aluminum mill in Hungary near Kolontár had a "retention basin" which was broken by heavy rains during floods and a toxic mud wave of 2 meters of height was destroying six villages with heavy metal mud in 2010
-- left "retention basins" with cyanide without control can be found in North Chile (news of the 2000s)

3. Polluted miners

All this about the pollution of the environment is only one part. There is a second part following: the pollution of the miners:

Also the "miners" are polluted by dust

One has to know: Miners normally are dying normally with a medium age of 55 years by the pollution of dust. MINING IS POLLUTING EVERYTHING - also the lungs of the miners.

When I was traveling in Peru passing La Moroya in 2010 local people told me clearly that

-- the miners have higher salaries than the poor, and
-- there is even a competition being a miner and they are making the queue for working in mines, but

-- the miners have to work always in the darkness and this is damaging the eyes,, and
-- many miners have even to live in the darkness for a time of about 20 days and then they can live some days in the daylight but have to live again in the darkness
-- the miners always have to inhale dust in the mine which is damaging their lungs, and
-- the miners always have to inhale damaging fumes of the rocks and - in gold mines - of pure mercury which is on the ground, and therefore
-- more or less all miners are dying at a medium age of 55 already and generally it's not at all a good life working as a miner, but THEY ARE SUFFERING.

All this corporal damage is a big torture. In reality this is a kind of slavery without any right of health. All this damage is never paid by anybody of the mine enterprises, but they think that they have no responsibility polluting the miners of Peru and of other countries. Therefore it's better that nobody has to be a miner any more in his life. But the bosses of the enterprises are living well in the headquarters in other countries.

And the President - not important from which political party - it's not important for him.

But we don't accept this any more:


4. Destroyed families, prostitution, alcohol, and birds are killed - and gays

Sociological and psychological consequences of mining are heavy and brute. This is not mentioned either in any "calculation" of the Presidents:

More dangers for the miners without families but whores and beer

Add to all what was mentioned before mining is a work far away from the population centers and there are no women or there are only whores, and when these conditions are lasting for some months venereal diseases are spreading because there are no condoms in a mine.

It's logic that mining under these conditions for some months will destroy families and this is not at all "Christian" and not at all human, but this is an inhuman mental torture and the miners are only the slaves of the enterprises with their bosses in the clean headquarters in other countries. The Peruvians let themselves enslave for mining enterprises - that's it. This counts also for Africa, Asia, and Russia.

All this damage with the miners is never paid by the mining enterprises but they think that they have no responsibility polluting Peru and other countries.

And there is another fact: In the mines there is much alcohol and they arrange alcohol festivities with whores and there is not only the danger of loosing health thereby but they also are loosing much money from their salaries - spending it for alcohol and whores, and with all this they are loosing their brains more and more. They are more stupid than before because alcohol is systematically destructing the brain structures.

And there is one more fact: When the fathers are working in mines far away from their homes with whores and beer loosing their brains and more or less are not at home with their families any more, then the children and their education is left without fathers, and not only the spouse is overcharged with the children, but the children are left vulnerable because the father's support is missing and the control of the boys between 6 and 12 years is missing. And when the father is converted in an "always drunk" as it's often the result, then any respect will be lost and it's for nothing when the father will build up a house after having worked in a mine but the sons will never have any respect any more with a father who was with whores for years and is drunken and screaming around without brain. And add to this any miner father has got a heavy lung damage and is invalid. This is not life any more for anybody, and therefore one can see that mining is not only polluting the environment but is polluting also families. The father is only suffering, the mother is only suffering, and also the children are only suffering. All are suffering.

But the President - not important from which political party - it's not important form him. They don't speak with the miners about the real conditions. The Presidents are only considering their calculation tables in their documents. They don't see the sociological damage. But in Peru and in other countries - they call themselves "catholic" and "Christian"!!! - they are loosing by mining systematically human values day by day.

But we don't accept this any more:


Prostitution is going along with mining

And what a life is this for the whore girls in their cheap huts near the mines only waiting for their drunken miner "clients" with damaged lungs, when they made an alcohol festivity. Illnesses are included, and at the end the whore girls also loose their brains because of stupid life. Thereby the whore girls can send some money to their homes, and they are cashing much money from the miners. But the whore girls are also converting into stupids because they don't read anything and they don't want to know anything of life but they are thinking that prostitution would be life. Therefore mining does not only pollute the environment, but is also polluting the brain of the whore girls. And one can even say that mining is supporting whore girls and prostitution.

Oh yes, this society is calling itself as "Catholic" and "Christian". Congratulation. This pleases to the Peruvian President and to other "Catholic" Presidents of South "America" because they don't want to speak with anybody and they only see their calculations on their tables and they only see their projects and nothing of the sociological damage is mentioned.

But we don't accept this any more:


All birds are killed

The birds are drinking the water of the polluted rivers and lagoons, or they also drink the alkaline water of the "retention basins", and then the birds of the zone are all killed.

Therefore we don't accept this any more:



There are also indications that miners are converted into gays during mining work - because women are missing.

Therefore we don't accept this any more:


5. And whole territories can sink by tunnels

When there are tunnels by mining under villages it can be that the whole territory is sinking:

At the end is eventually sinking the floor

It is like this that there are mines working also in flat region e.g. coal mines. And when there are enough "tunnels" digged out under a village, so it can be that the whole territory is sinking provoking high damage with damaged houses and streets in the village, and all this is almost irreparable. Therefore mining can destroy complete villages, but the enterprise is leaving and does not pay anything.

This was told to me by local population when I passed Morococha in Peru by bus.

All this damage is paying nobody of the mining enterprises, but they think that they have no responsibility damaging to Peru and to other countries. And the President - not important from with political party - it's not important for him.

Therefore we don't accept this any more:


6. Smelter for minerals brings more pollution

And when there is a smelter for the minerals there is one more catastrophe (for example in La Oroya):

Smelting process of minerals is polluting a lot

Add to this smelting minerals is provoking more pollution in the air by the wind and by clouds distributing the heavy metals in other regions contaminating the earth of complete zones with heavy metals and then heavy metal vegetables and heavy metal fruits are growing, and heavy metal cattle is created. Plumb children are growing also, not only in La Oroya, but also in North of Chile and in other locations it is like this.

All this damage is never paid by anybody of the mining enterprises but they think that they have no responsibility polluting Peru and other countries. And the president - not important from which party - it's not important for him.

But we cannot accept this any more:


7. The final conclusion: the "investment" is toxic

There is only one conclusion with all this:

The "investment" is toxic

Policy is always shouting something about an "investment" by mining enterprises which will be coming from abroad making "investments" and there would be much profit for all of the local population of the mining region. But this is a toxic "investment" that nobody wants and only blind people can shout like this. These blind persons are the persons from the governments. They simply don't protect their countries.

Therefore the politicians and the ministers and the commanders with the stupid "Catholic" moms must not be corrupt by mining corporations any more - but they have to protect their country with clean businesses and with a clean economy and with clean tourism, and thereby a clean life is coming out. They must NOT convert good earth into a toxic desert any more.

Stop it. We don't accept this any more.

And these governments with mining corporations and with their casinos (there are more casinos than libraries in Peru, and also in Columbia it's like this) these governments call themselves "Catholic" and "Christian". Is it "Catholic" to pollute the country and to fraud the population with faked promises? NO, this is corrupt and blind. And we can see that the "Catholic" people with it's stupid Bible is blind - because they don't read any other book.

We don't accept this any more.


8. Rejecting mining - staying safe and happy with clean integral industries and enterprises, with more tourism and contacts

Esquel (Argentina): People's vote about gold mining - and the result was a NO

Traveling in Argentina people in Neuquen told me that more in the South of the Argentinian Andes in Esquel a people's vote was organized against a gold mine, and a big majority of the local population said NO to gold mining for not being polluted.

The population of Esquel knew to organize their defense and had got the liberty to elect their health. They are not blind any more. And there is more tourism. Tourism and health are worth more than any gold mine.


Let mining be and don't pollute environment and populations any more. Use natural and integral production without polluting. And one has to consider that the gold in the banks and of the economy is always in connection with a big pollution.

One should not exploit too much from MOTHER EARTH, but the Great Spirit is in every plant and in every being. Therefore wooden jewels are worth more than golden jewels because wood is not polluting.

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