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Note: mining provokes pollution: Conga is a crime

polluting rivers and lagoons - polluting the miners - and there is the danger of earthquakes

Mapa con la
              región afectada por el proyecto minero criminal de
              "Conga". Lagunas afectadas son Laguna Mala,
              Chica, Azul y Perol.
Map showing the affected zone of the criminal "Conga" mining project. Four lagoons are in danger: Mala, Chica, Azul y Perol [1]

  by Michael Palomino (2012)

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The crime of Conga project - Conga is a trap for all

                        revista "Así declaro" del marzo 2012
Review "I declare" ("Así declaro") of March 2012
                        revista "Así declaro" indica sobre el
                        proyecto "Conga" en la página 19 que
                        "Conga no va"
Review "I declare" indicating on page 18 that "Conga is not possible" ("Conga no va")

Let's read why this "Conga is not possible":

Texto de la revista
                        "Así declaro" sobre el proyecto
                        criminal de "Conga": "Conga no
                        va", pagína 19
Text of the review "I declare" ("Así declaro") about criminal "Conga" project: "Conga no va", page 19:

Text (translation by Michael Palomino):


"Because the pollution affects water resources".>

¿Who is speaking here?

"According to the technical report made by the hydrologic and geochemical North American Robert E. Moran for the Justice Center of Defenders of Environment (Centro Legal de Defensores del Medio Ambiente (ECLC)), "the indication is wrong that Conga would not make any significant impact to the water resources."

The study about environmental impact of the mining project of Conga comes to the result that Conga is not possible and would never be approved in any spot of the world.>

Aha, and why this criminal Conga project is so difficult and will not be approved in any spot of the world?

<because the location is between five important river springs, 26 wetlands and lagoons.>

Aha, and how will be the effects when criminal "Conga" project is realized?

<In the long run the underground and the superficial waters of the zone can be polluted

-- by the combination of crushed rock material with chemical toxic substances [mercury, cyanide] used in big quantities in the mining process, add to this

-- by remnants of explosives (like the toxic ammoniac), oils and fats, materials which are always used for mining like these.>

Pollution will be and it's no important which measures are taken:

<This reality comes to the conclusion that the exploitation of minerals in this spot of the region of Cajamarca will provoke a pollution forever of the waters and a treatment for decades would be necessary with high costs to save the waters, and this money does not have the Peruvian state.>

¡¡¡So, this fantasy with the "Conga" project is a trap!!!

¡¡¡Protect your country and let this stupid project be because there are many other projects without pollution!!!

Mining is never saving the environment - there are other development possibilities

Mining is only saving the environment when IT DOES NOT EXIST. One can plant many forests in Peru with beech and oaks and with other trees for selling, but no mining any more. Eukalyptus is damaging because it needs much water and there is not much wood with it.

Michael Palomino, 20 June 2012

No mining any more - there are other development possibilities

Please Mr. President, don't sell Peru any more to foreign mining enterprises because these enterprises never will fulfill any contract but they will never take earnest anything and therefore there will be MORE problems instead of less. Contracts and agreements are for breaking, this is the practice of industrials and of mining enterprises.

Trust in natives and do what they can do, plant forests, sell good wood with beech and oak. Install ranches with fish in the sea. Install integral energy plants with sun, wind, waves and with the heat in the volcanoes. Install enough chicken ranches and with other animals. Preserve the Peruvian earth which is rich and pure giving good fruit and vegetable. Build up good houses for the population in the higher mountains.

But with more mining THE STATE WILL NOT COME OUT but the problems will continue over decades and 100s or years, and mining will pollute the landscapes forever also damaging to tourism.


This Conga project is high treason

Conga is not at all "nationalist", but Conga is selling the country to it's destruction of the environment, of it's waters, earth and lives.

Michael Palomino, 23 June 2012

What's an anti miner ("antiminero")? - they are the defenders of the country

An "anti miner" is not only an "anti miner" but is also a defender of this landscape in the heights of the Andes with all it's lakes and lagoons. THIS "CONGA" PROJECT MUSTN'T BE, because it will pollute automatically all waters with it's substances. THE PRESIDENT HAS TO DEFEND HIS COUNTRY OF PERU AND MUSTN'T SELL PERU.

Michael Palomino, 24 June 2012

Pollution by Conga project will be in rivers, lagoons, and the miners

Conga project will pollute 5 rivers and may lagoons, and the life of the miners is a horror in the darkness and with the dust and they normally are dying in a medium age of 55 already because their lungs are destroyed by the dust. SAY NO TO MINING, there are enough works to do and possibilities without pollution giving much income.

Michael Palomino, 25 June 2012

In the mines also pure mercury can be found evaporating there, and these mercury fumes are always inhaled by the minders, and step by step the nervous system is destroyed more and more.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


"Retention basins" ("reservorios") are another trap of death

A "retention basin" is not only a "retention basin" but with mercury and cyanide these "retention basins" are a mortal trap. And at the end the firm is leaving but the basin is remaining and they don't want to do anything with this mortal shit. So: MINING IS POLLUTING - say no to mining. There are many other better things to do.

One has to know: a miner normally is dying with a medium age of 55 by the dust in the mine. MINING IS POLLUTING - also the lungs of the miners.

Communication: Cases with broken or left "retention basins" without control:

-- the cause was a fire: fire catastrophe of Schweizerhalle in Switzerland when all the chemical toxic content of a "retention basis" got into Rine river killing everything, 1986
-- the cause was bad maintenance: in Rumania in the Carpathian Mountains near a gold mine a "retention basin" broke killing all in Tisza river in Hungary in 2000
-- the cause was bad maintenance in combination with floods: an aluminium mill in Hungary near Kolontár had a "retention basin" which was broken by heavy rains during floods and a toxic mud wave of 2 meters of height was destroying six villages with heavy metal mud in 2010
-- left "retention basins" with cyanied without control can be found in North Chile (news of the 2000s)

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012

When there is an earthquake so the retention basins will break and the whole toxic soap of mercury and cyanide will go down the rivers as it was in Hungary 3 years ago (in 2010).

This "Conga" project is a trap for all, also for the enterprise of Newmont. This project is not possible. It's a trap like atomic energy.

Mr. President, please defend your country from traps like this one and install integral solar energy, wind energy and geothermic, in combination with wave energy of the sea, and all this is well possible without garbage and without big dangers. Add to this forests can be planted for selling of good wood (beech and oak and more, no eucalyptus because it harms and comes from Europe). Also tunnel constructions would be useful for saving hours of travel, and train constructions are possible, but keep clean the waters and the earth.

Thank you for your attention.


Michael Palomino, 25 June 2012


25 June 2012: Other projects than mining which is only polluting

<When "Conga" project is realized polluting 5 rivers and lagoons, so the President of Peru is not only giving Peru to the foreigners, but he lets pollute his country.

Better would be: plant forests with good wood (beech and oak, no eucalyptus, Chile e.e. has got other trees better than the harmful eucalyptus), and add to this it's better to foster agriculture, it's better to install integral energy with sun, wind and warmth of the earth near volcanoes and with waves of the sea. Therefore THIS WOULD NOT POLLUTE ANY MORE ANYTHING AND THERE WOULD BE NO FIGHT ANY MORE and the President will protect his country and there will be a development and a model of truth with selling wood and energy.

The poor of Cajamarca don't want to loose their water, NEVER.>

Michael Palomino, 25 June 2012


27 June 2012: Indication of President Humala that he will defend the waters

Comment: Promises are only words

Promises are only words - and when there are so many rivers and lagoons it's not possible to fulfill ANYTHING of these words.

Gold mines are polluting with mercury and cyanide systematically when there is rain and above all when there is wind (polluted dust)..

And when there are many rivers a contamination is always possible in the tunnel systems where the toxic metals like mercury are free in pure form. Only a landscape WITHOUT mining is an intact and complete landscape.

Michael Palomino, 27 June 2012


29 June 2012: Polluted miners - separated families - any mine is a crime

Add to this a mine is always polluting the lungs and the bodies of the miners, too (by dust of the rocks and by fumes of pure mercury in the mines), and is provoking a heavy distance between the father and the family with all social consequences with whores near the mine, with alcohol abuse, and with education difficulties with the children because the father is not in the house. Therefore any mine is a crime of health and is also a social crime.

Therefore it's better to day NO to any mining.

Michael Palomino, 29 June 2012

Poster from Cajamarca with
                  the clear indication "This mine is fucken
                  pulluting!!" ("La mina contamina
                  carajo!!") not only indicating the pollution of
                  the environment, but also of the spirit, and thieves
                  will come, whores will come, and the miners will also
                  convert themselves into gays.
Poster from Cajamarca with the clear indication "This mine is fucken pulluting!!" ("La mina contamina carajo!!") [2] not only indicating the pollution of the environment, but also of the spirit, and thieves will come, whores will come, and the miners will also convert themselves into gays.


30 June 2012: The mayors are all with President Humala for Conga - and only "extremists" remain protecting the country

Comment: The "extremists" are not "extremists" but they are defenders of the country

Any mining is polluting by dust and by mud, also is polluting the miners and is separating and destroys families.

When the mayors do not see this what they are destroying, so they are organizing a disaster in Conga and not only there.

World without mining and with clean water and earth is possible, but the President and the mayors don't want this. They are corrupt and he is leading the population to the disaster. We will see this in 20 years how I am right.

Therefore the "extremists" ARE NOT "extremists", but they are the real defenders of the country and they are not corrupt by the "investments" which bring only death.

Michael Palomino, 30 June 2012


3 July 2012: Protesters wanted to occupy the town hall in Celendin and hurt policemen are the result

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/44651-seis-policias-y-militares-heridos-por-turba-de-antimineros

Comment: mercury, cyanide, lagoons, rivers, and possible earthquakes - why the President does not see these dangers?

Resistance against this stupidity of Conga with mercury, cyanide, lagoons, rivers and possible earthquakes will continue until the government will leave this mad project. Nobody has to be hurt. But any mine is also an injury of MOTHER EARTH. And when the waters are polluted, the blood of MOTHER EARTH is polluted.

Cyanide is killing anything within 30 seconds. When there is an earthquake, the lagoons and the rivers will be polluted and all will be killed within 30 seconds, and also the cattle and the population will be killed when the lagoons and the ground water are polluted - by cracks in the basins. The President wants this? Will he want to take the risk killing his population by mad mining in a center of lagoons and rivers? Conga is not only mad, but it's a crime. All will be killed by only one accident or by a big earthquake.

Michael Palomino, 3 July 2012


3 July 2012: 3 protesters were killed in Celendín during the protests against criminal Conga project

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/44644-adolescente-de-17-entre-los-manifestantes-muertos-celendin

Comment: Conga project only is serving to the mining board in Lima

This Conga project is only serving to the mining board in Lima and to nobody else. Waters will be polluted, lagoons will be polluted, miners will be polluted, when there is an accident all will be killed by cyanide in 30 seconds, cattle, plants and population. When the government of Mr. Humala does not see this, then he will come out like the president before him or even worse.

Michael Palomino, 3 July 2012


3 July 2012: President Humala affirms that: "The government is the first defenders for the water"

from: http://ojo.pe/ojo/nota.php?t=ollanta-el-gobierno-es-el-primer-defensor-del-agua&txtSecci_id=51&txtNota_id=701717

Comment: Then let Conga be!!!

When the Peruvian government wants to defend the water, then let Conga be! With the basins always can be an accident or an earthquake, and then they are no basins any more but mass death will come. Government can think?

Michael Palomino, 3 July 2012


4 July 2012: After 3 killed persons who were against criminal Conga: there is vandalism in Cajamarca

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/regional/sierra/44660-vandalismo-se-extendio-a-las-calles-de-cajamarca-video#addcomments

Comment: First there was vandalism by criminal Conga project

First was the vandalism of the Conga project with it's mercury and cyanide and false promises which will put the region in a big danger. Cyanide is killing within 30 seconds. And vandalism in Cajamarca is only the answer against this stupid President which wants to put through the Conga project with it's big dangers.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


4 July 2012: After 3 killed persons the government is declaring "emergency"

from: http://ojo.pe/ojo/nota.php?t=ya-tienen-los-muertos-que-querian-en-cajamarca&txtSecci_id=25&txtNota_id=701837


Violence came from Conga project first which will work with mercury (provoking nerve damages and allergies) and which will work with cyanide (kills within 30 seconds). THIS is the violence which is first, and the protesters are the reaction, and the mayors are corrupt and don't defend their country, and therefore the protesters are fighting for their water and wanted to occupy the town hall - for the defense of their country.

It seems that the police does not know that the government is criminal and corrupt in this case as it seams, because they want to pollute the country with mercury and cyanide in a region with earth quakes. But also police can be corrupt with the corrupt President, and all will be lost...

And this would be the proof for my thesis which I have since 3 years: Peruvian government in Lima (not important from which political party) wants to govern Peru without population only with the mines. Population is not at all important.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


4 July 2012: "Emergency" for 30 days in the Conga regions (Celendín, Hualgayoc, and Cajamarca)

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/44663-emergencia-en-3-provincias-de-cajamarca-desde-00-horas

Comment: Humala government is continuing like a violator against the population - and they are managing mining like Argentina against Mapuches

When the government will continue the Conga project against the local population, this means mercury (provoking nerve damages) and cyanide (killing within 30 seconds) in "detention basins" (which are always in danger by earthquakes) next to many rivers and lagoons. This will be a violation of the region by the government. It's like this because there are enough other possibilities for the development of the region with clean enterprises and with clean energy. The Presidents is coming out like a v... as they are doing it also in Argentina against the Mapuche natives.

Peruvian government with it's mining board in Lima is coming out without any moral regarding to the population's health of the country but is continuing to play with toxic substances like mercury and cyanide in his country where are many earthquakes. It's clear that this is governmental criminality

-- against nature
-- this is violation of any law of environment protection
-- this is violation of any democratic will against the Peruvian population in the affected region.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


4 July 2012: Summary: Conga = crime = violation of the population like during colonialism

Distribute this text to all you know in the country and abroad. It's IMPORTANT.

Working in gold mines (e.g. in the region of Cajamarca in Peru in the Conga project) we have

-- mercury (with damage of nerves and allergies)
-- cyanide (killing anything within 30 seconds).

Add to this
-- mining is polluting the miners (the lungs are destroyed by the dust and the brains are damaged by mercury vapor in the mines, and therefore their medium age is only 55)

-- mining is separating also the father from it's family provoking education difficulties and alcohol abuse an many times also prostitution near the mine with all risks of health (it is like this)

-- by Conga project many lagoons and rivers are in a great danger and will be destroyed when an earthquake is damaging the retention basins, or when there is an accident with the basins

-- when cyanide is coming out, all will be killed within 30 seconds: plants, animals, cattle, and the population

-- and there are words of the President O.H. but his is neither considering earthquakes nor accidents

-- and we have 3 killed persons and an "emergency" estate now (4 July 2012).

There is only one solution: CONGA IS A CRIME.




This what Peruvian Government is doing with Conga project is an OCCUPATION like in COLONIALISM by the Spaniards. This is a VIOLATION of a part of the Peruvian population BY THE GOVERNMENT - because ANY PEOPLE'S VOTE is missing. With this Peruvian President O.Humala there is no democracy any more.

Principally the resistance against Conga is enough vote already and the President has to retire from the zone with his mining enterprises.

And Peruvian police has also the task to protect the country from mining dangers and should not be corrupt any more.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


Cajamarca 4 July 2012: Arrest of ex priest Marco Arana who was preparing further protests during the "emergency state"

from: http://ojo.pe/ojo/nota.php?t=marco-arana-es-detenido-en-cajamarca-&txtSecci_id=25&txtNota_id=701896


They should arrest the persons of "Conga" project with mining in the water zone which is provoking big dangers for 5 rivers and more than 20 wetlands and lagoons: arrest the stupid President because of high treason putting HIS POPULATION INTO DANGER BY MERCURY AND CYANIDE WHICH IS KILLING ALL IN 30 SECONDS when there will be an accident, much rain or a big earthquake destroying automatically the "retention basins". These are the facts.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


4 July 2012: The territory of "Conga" is protected zone!

from: http://pe.globedia.com/agua-oro-minas-conga

On 4 July 2012 I am reading another web site which indicates clearly that the territory where "Conga" should be operated is protected zone "protected by law":

<This [Conga mining project for 17 years] is executed instead of the fact that the headwaters in the basin are considered as "fragile ecosystem or with high vulnerability" by the Peruvian state itself and this territory is rated by the state as protected zone by law. Add to this in 2004 was pased a law rating the territory as environmental zone to be protected with priority where Minas Conga is acting now.> [web01]

(orig. in Spanish:
<Esto [el proyecto de minería Conga durante 17 años] sucede a pesar del hecho que las cabeceras de cuenca son consideradas por el Estado peruano como "ecosistemas frágiles o de alta vulnerabilidad" y cuentan por ello con protección legislativa. Además, en 2004 se decretó el área donde actúa Minas Conga como zona ambiental de prioridad para la conservación.>)

Comment: Arrest the criminal President and all the criminal mayors who are supporting "Conga"

In this legal situation the President has to be arrested with all the criminal mayors who are supporting criminal Conga, and for sure they know that the territory of "Conga" is protected zone by law by their own state. President O. Humala and all the mayors are converting themselves into criminals when they are continuing this "Conga" project.

Boycott against Peruvian gold

There is the possibility of an international boycott of Peruvian gold as a clear signal that this gold mining project of "Conga" in an environmental protected zone is not acceptable.

Michael Palomino, 4 July 2012


5 July 2012: Red Cross coming investigating about the affected people in the Cajamarca region

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/regional/sierra/44778-cajamarca-cruz-roja-evaluara-situacion-de-afectados-#addcomments

Comment: The region will be uninhabitable in 20 years

When the Conga project will continue winning gold working with cyanide and with pure mercury in the mines, then this region will be uninhabitable in 20 years because all will be polluted and all will be killed by the water pollution. Cyanide kills within 30 seconds. And there is always mercury in gold mines, and when the mine is left the underground water is coming into the mine and all will be mixed. The President is not defending his country.

Michael Palomino, 5 July 2012


5 July 2012: Peruvian FFAA troops coming reinforcing the police as a "guaranty" for public services

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/44750-ffaa-apoyaran-a-policia-en-tres-provincias-de-cajamarca-

Comment: peace will be when the mining enterprise has gone

Gold mining is wirking with cyanide killing anything within 30 seconds. The FFAA soldiers do know this? They should make a rat experiment and then they will know it. A gold mine in a protected water zone as the region of Conga is will be polluted completely and the region will be uninhabitable within 20 years and all will be dead because the cyanide is spread by mud powder taken by the wind polluting the whole region polluting also the underground waters and springs of the region.

Peace will be when the mining company has gone and when President Humala will never come back. No police is needed. And a compensation from the STUPID President is missing.

Michael Palomino, 5 July 2012


7 July 2012: Some want already to abrogate the emergency state in Cajamarca

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/44875-emergencia-aun-no-se-levantara-en-cajamarcavideo#addcomments

But truth is another one: emergency will only be left when mining enterprises WILL LEAVE

<Emergency state will only end when the mining enterprises with their cyanide WILL LEAVE, and when the President WILL LEAVE, and when the mining enterprises processing gold with cyanide and mercury WILL LEAVE FOREVER TO THE MOON. Mercury destructs the nerves, cyanide kills within 30 seconds. Many regions already have been polluted. Go out, go out, go out, go out...>

Michael Palomino, 7 July 2012


7 July 2012: Canada recommends to it's citizens not going to Cajamarca

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/regional/sierra/44878-canada-recomienda-a-sus-ciudadanos-no-ir-a-cajamarca

Comment: When mining is going on there polluting all water supplies with mercury and cyanide, then the whole world will recommend evading Cajamarca

When mining enterprises are going on with building up mining installations in the regino of Cajamarca with all consequences of polluting all waters with mercury and cyanide, then the whole world will recommend evading Cajamarca!!! Can the governments see this trap? The mining corporations have to leave the zone and the countries and the continent. There are clean industries and clean enterprises for the future, and agriculture, forests and cattle will develop very well WITHOUT MINING..

  y la agricultura y bosques y el ganado saldrán bien SIN MINERÍA..

Michael Palomino, 7 July 2012


16 July 2012: Peruvian propaganda indicates that 60% of Peruvian population would accept the Conga project

de: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/45488-el-60-considera-que-conga-se-realizara-pese-a-protestas-#addcomments

<60% believes that the polemic Conga mining project will be realized, 28% believes that the Minas Conga project should be cancelled, and 12% has got no opinion. This shows a national survey of Ipsos Apoyo (Ipsos Help) published this Sunday. 56% mean that the project should be continued when the conditions are fulfilled concerning the environment in the study of Environment Impact (Estudio de Impacto Ambiental, EIA), and 35% suggests to leave the treaty giving a compensation to the mining enterprise.

The questioned persons - adds the study - is giving the guilt for violence with 43% to the regional president of Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos. 35% give the guilt to other anti mining leaders, 30% to Marco Arana, and 26% to President Ollanta Humala.

19% give the guilt of the events causing 5 deaths to the enterprise responsible for Conga, and 14% to oscar Valdes Dancuart.

Concerning the emergency estate in three provinces of Cajamarca 62% indicate that "this would be an appropriate measure saving the peace when there is violence happening.

33% mean that this measure is an exageration only causing abuse and more violence. 5% has no meaning concerning this question.>

(Original Spanish:
<El 60% cree que el polémico proyecto minero Conga se realizará, mientras el 28% considera que la ejecución de Minas Conga se debe cancelar y el 12% no opina, arroja una encuesta nacional de Ipsos Apoyo, publicada este domingo. El 56% detalla que el proyecto debe continuar si se cumplan las recomendaciones propuestas en el peritaje al Estudio de Impacto Ambiental (EIA), en tanto, el 35% sugiere cancelar el contrato e indemnizar a la empresa minera.

Los encuestados, añade el estudio, responsabiliza al presidente regional de Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos (43%), por la violencia desatada en las protestas antimineras
El 35 % a otros dirigentes antimineros, el 30 % a Marco Arana, 26 %  al presidente Ollanta Humala.

El 19 % culpa de los incidentes, que dejaron cinco muertos, a la empresa responsable de Conga, y el 14 % a Óscar Valdés Dancuart.

En torno al estado de emergencia impuesto por el Ejecutivo sobre tres provincias de Cajamarca el 62% asegura que “es una medida válida para preservar la paz cuando se producen hechos de violencia”.

El 33% lo considera una decisión exagerada que solo causa abusos y mayor violencia, mientras el 5% no precisa su postura.>)

Comment: they never read what is cyanide - is killing within 30 seconds

The population in Peru is not reading because is badly informed by the press which is never saying nothing about the truths:

-- that Conga is realized in a WATER PROTECTED ZONE

-- that the President Humala has broken any environment protection law with this Conga project

-- that the President Humala is exposing the whole Cajamarca region to a great danger with this big gold mine which will process the minerals with cyanide which kills within 30 seconds and there will remain cyanide in the mud wich is distributed with the rain and with the wind without control

-- that the President Humala is never informing that ths zone is also an earthquake zona and retention basins cann be destructed by earthquakes

-- that the President Humala is hiding that there can be always accidents and therefore retention basins can break

-- and of course many Peruvians say "yes" to the Conga project because they "don't want to have problems" with the police mafia of tne National Police of Peru PNP and the Security Guards because this mafia is stronger than the government itself.

Conclusion: The Conga project is a hyper crimen, and the population is not well informed, and the government is well hiding the dangers and is presenting the anti miners as criminals instead of seeing the truths and leading the development to not polluting industries. The anti miners are the true defenders of the country - and it seams that the President is corrupt by the mining enterprises because he is not defending his country from cyanide which is killing within 30 seconds.


24 July 2012: Regional President of Cajamarca - Gregorio Santos - receiving cabintet of Jiménez with clear words: Conga does not work

from: Crónica Viva del Perú online: Santos recibió al gabinete Jiménez con un "Conga no va"; 24.7.2012; translation by Michael Palomino;

<CAJAMARCA- Regional President, Gregorio Santos, received the delegation of the new Prime Minister, Juan Jiménez Mayor, with a hard message on his Twitter account where he gives a clear "NO" to the ministers regarding the mining project of Conga.

"There already were two Congaized cabinets which were addicted by Conga project, and now a third one comes to Cajamarca, but Cajamarca will never forgive the abuse and the killed people by Newmont, and therefore we will receipt them with clear words: "Conga is not working", this was the "greeting message".

In one more message he assured: "There would be emergent measures to take in PCM: Finishing the state of emergency in Cajamarca, finishing any activity at the Conga project, and the applications for the impossibility of the Conga project should be treated at last."

Santos underlined that the solution of Conga conflict "is not with the cabinet but only with the President", and this would be a "political question, and Nadine also knews this."

At the other side he attacked the minister José Luis Silva which was describes as "overpowering", and he requiered that this person should "plead for excuse with Cajamarca because Cajamarca is eliminated from the list of touristic locations, and because he lied to embassies". (ECHA)>

Comment: Trial against this corrupt Peruvian Humala government

Conga project will work with mercury and cyanide and is an absolute crime [within a protected water resource region]. Conga project WILL NOT WORK, but NOT ONLY THIS, but the government has to receive it's trial and all of the government with the President Humala included with his corrupt agitation has to be in jail by high treason [committed against the Peruvian population].

What Fujimori has not done, and what Garcia has not done either, now Humala is trying to fulfill the crime [with his military friends]. They need a punishment because they are fighting against the population.

Michael Palomino, 25 July 2012


And now one has to watch the fantasy tactics of Yanacocha enterprise presenting their fantasies in Lima but saying nothing in Cajamarca:

25 July 2012: The enterprise Yanacocha is giving much information in Lima, but has not got the courage spreading these lies also in Cajamarca - and a naive priest in Cajamarca is pleading Yanacocha for spreading in Cajamarca what had been said in Lima...

from: Crónica viva del Perú online: Garatea pide a Yanacocha "más gestos de buena voluntad"; 25-07-2012; translation by Michael Palomino;

<The enterprise of Yanacocha has to "show more gestures" of their goodwill winning confidence of Cajamarca population, said father Gaston Garatea during a vigilance uring the night in the name of peace in the region in San Francisco church.

"There have to be gestures, because here (in Lima) they say that they would do the contrary of that what they already have realized, and this would be good, but we here are absolutely neglected. These gestures have to be spread also here so the population of Cajamarca will see this", he added.

Garatea and priest Miguel Cabrejos, the dialogue leaders between the central government and the Cajamarca region, met last Monday with representives of Yanacocha at the seat of the development programm of the United Nations in Lima (Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo, PNUD).

"They (the enterprise Yanacocha) say that they would be ready stating mistakes and correct them", Garatea said after this night having passed with the leader of the ministerial cabinet, Juan Jiménez Mayor, and with other leaders of several religious confessions, at the mourning day for dialogue and peace.

He estimated that the actions of Yanacocha enterprise like the building up of retention basins will be "accepted well" in all cases.

"The work we are doing here will be conceived by more people than only by our own. It's a hard and difficult work physically and psychically, provoking also fear. So we need any support", he underlined. (ECHA-Andina)>

Comment: Yanacocha go home

Yanacocha enterprise with it's mad Conga project with cyanide and mercury can really do something for the Cajamarca region: Go away! Go home, go home, go home!

Michael Palomino, 25 July 2012


25 July 2012: Holy people is praying with the ministerial president for "peace" in Cajamarca

from: http://www.cronicaviva.com.pe/index.php/politica/2-politica/46172-premier-y-facilitadores-rezaron-por-la-paz-en-cajamarca#addcomments

But peace will only be when the polluters will go:

Comment: Peace will be when mining enterprises will go

Peace in Cajamarca will be when stupid mining industry with it's cyanide and mercury  WILL LEAVE!!! It seems that the Peruvian president with his MILITARY MAFIA IN LIMA has got no idea how a gold mine is managed: waters will be polluted with mercury and cyanide, earth will be polluted by the dust of the cyanide mud, and in 20 years nobody can live any more in this region and the region will despopulate because mercury and cyanide and other toxic substances will be in the underground water. And not one single policeman of this Peruvian military president stationed in Conga region will change anything with these facts. Mining enterprises have to leave rapidly!!!

Michael Palomino, 25 July 2012

Please defend your country, policemen, policewomen, commanders and women commanders, politicians and Peruvian President!

Leave this trap called "Conga" and do other projects without side effects!

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[web01] http://pe.globedia.com/agua-oro-minas-conga

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