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"Gringo" = aggressive soldier of the "USA" of NATO

How populist racism in Peru is blocking the connection between Peruvians and peaceful whites

by Michael Palomino (2012 / 2016)

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A "gringo" is an aggressive soldier of the "U.S.A." which is out of control only killing everything like a machine (English: green go). The other whites are WHITES.

The word "gringo" comes from English "green go" = "american soldiers" in green uniforms = this means: "Greens let's go!" or "Greens go away and fuck off!"

White humans are "whites" in general. In Peru there are NO gringos. Furthermore many whites never were soldiers in their life but in Europe there is a civil service and people know much about sociology.

Where are the gringos then? - In the NATO
The gringos (the aggressive soldiers of "U.S.A.") are in the NATO. They are instructed by Pentagon and since 2001 they are destroyint one Muslim country after another in Asia and in North Africa. Some agents of the gringo NATO are also placed in the embassies of the "U.S.A." and they are manipulating the countries from there, for example they are manipulating Germany by the "U.S." embassy in Berlin. Obama and Killary Clinton with their agents are the worst manipulators. In Bolivia the President Morales has kicked out the ambassador of the "USA" and only then the manipulations stopped. Now with the new President Trump the manipulations will reduce and the wars will reduce.

Now: what happens in Peru with this fake word "gringo" against whites? Certain people are using this word for their local political purposes:

The governments and the media in Peru and also the Board of Education are NOT eliminating this racism with this fake word "gringo" because  they want to present every white person as a "bad" colonialist, because they think that this propaganda would be a "defense" against Europe. Therefore they make their propaganda with the fake word "gringo". But the real colonialists of today are the persons with the fake Jewish Bible of Vatican in their hands (the colonialists of today are bishops and pastors and the "Christian" enforced religion teachers in the school system) who are manipulating the spirit in Peru against Mother Earth and against natural medicine.

Some people are using also this fake word "gringo" against white foreigners or against white Peruvians: governments, policemen, commanders, reporters, journalists, politicians, spies from secret services etc. - they all have only straw in their head. But this racism against whites is a political strategy: in this way the governments etc. are presenting fake enemies and they are presenting themselves as fake "protectors" and in this way with their racism they are winning elections and with this fake populism they make carreer points. This is the purpose why they use this word "gringo" which is absolutely wrong being used against normal whites.

Don't permit this manipulation by this fake populism.

Gringo=criminal destructive NATO soldier - NATO agents are the destructive spies in the "U.S." embassies and corrupt spy journalists of NATO

There are different colors from white to black, and the gringos are the NATO soldiers who are destroying EVERYTHING: in Korea, in Vietnam (I have seen personally Agent Orange victims with flat bones and missing eyes etc.), they are destroying EVERYTHING in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria etc. NATO with their Pentagon in Washington is destroying everything and there is NO COMPENSATION for the damages. They make their wars with uranium bombs for their war profits destroying complete populations, and they organize coups and overthrows of governments without end also in Latin "American" countries for installing "friendly puppets" in the whole world. The "U.S.A." terrorized Columbia during decades with pesticides and maneuvers.

Gringos=NATO soldieres who are destroying complete countries with their wars and are manipulating governments - WITHOUT BRAIN. There is NO healing with them. Unfortunately it is like this. For preparing their wars there are manipulative maneuvers with the secret services in the populations (the agents and spies are corrupt journalists or agents of the justice system and their family members, or there are also the Socialists of the criminal German Socialist Party SPD with their criminal fighters group "Antifa" which are also steered by NATO).

Tell this to all people you know.

And the Education Board should also take measures against this fake word "gringo" or "gringa" so the media will not misuse this word any more against all whites but only will use this word correctly against criminal soldiers of NATO. And these NATO soldiers are really only pure shit in this world.

Tell this to all you know.
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