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Note: torture methods in Peru - PIGS in Peru

Reasons why the big majority of Peruvians are pigs - and they want to go on like this - torture methods: discotheque torture - tv torture - alarm torture - honking torture - soccer scream torture - cock crow torture - garbage torture

Many adult Peruvians mean that law would exist only for children, and therefore adult Peruvians are laughing at the law, above all aggressive taxi drivers. And therefore many Peruvians are living in trashcan Peru and they are thinking that life without law would be "freedom", and they want to mission all South "America" with this.

by Michael Palomino (2011, translation in 2012 / additions in 2014)

(Deutsch: Foltermethoden in Peru - Español: Métodos de tortura en el Perú)

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After 2 1/2 years of stay in Peru I come to the conclusion that Peruvians are destructing themselves by each other's torture method and blocking mentally each other. Here are listed the different torture methods. Until today Peruvians behaving many times like PIGS are not thinking about how they are torturing each other. And of course they like to torture foreigners - that is like "sports".

Principle of discotheque is hindering any intelligence (torture of discotheque)

Peru has that many mines and mineral resources, so Peruvian government does not feel called upon to organize equal conditions in all the population because the government can also live without population.

Peruvians have a discotheque mentality which is indoctrinated in school system already:

-- there is a nonchalance mentality with discotheque, sex and alcohol in schools and in statal boards

-- discotheque music is also running in offices of Ministry of Justice or in police stations

-- doing nothing is the aim, having no problems is the aim, and against culprits there is done practically nothing but the victim is claimed as culprit - many cases go like this. Police simply does not want any "problem"...

Peru is simply a big discotheque. In Peru there are

-- discotheque to get up and discotheque in showers in the morning
-- school discotheque above all in gymnastic lessons
-- office discotheque
-- home discotheque
-- backyard discotheque
-- street discotheque blocking whole streets with loudspeakers of several meters of height and moving window panes
-- car discotheque in racing cars or in not moving cars before a church or in a street or in a soccer field etc.
-- taxi discotheque in moving taxi
-- kitchen discotheque during cooking or eating
-- bakery discotheque during the whole night
-- internet café discotheque
-- bus discotheque
-- building site discotheque
-- soccer field discotheque
-- sports field discotheque during the night
-- fitness studio discotheque
-- restaurant discotheque day and night
-- CD shop discotheque
-- general shop discotheque
-- shopping center discotheque
-- hotel discotheque during the whole night and in the entrance hall so hotel guests cannot find any calm
-- police discotheque in police stations or in police cars so policemen have music at least when they don't have any other technical equipment or books or internet connection
-- carnival discotheque
-- TV discotheque in the living room or during eating

etc. pp., and therefore Peruvians mean that life will be a "progress" organizing discotheques, but principally nothing is "progressing" but social development is blocked by this and what is done is not done in a lasting way but they are waiting for guests spending their money having some income, or there is sex stimulated in offices fucking instead of working

-- and when a discotheque is violating night's sleep then Peruvian police is NOT interested in action against such discotheques because police itself is also organizing discotheques, or police does not want problems with criminals, or because police is hardly equipped, or police members are even organizers of this discotheque, or drogue dealers are organizing this discotheque and police is purchasing their drogues from them, or drogue dealers are part of the police's spies system etc. pp. - members of the Peruvian spies system are also certain taxi drivers and house owners

-- there was for example a night's discotheque in the district of Jesus-Maria 8this is very "Christian", is it?) and police had given a fine to the discotheque organizers already and the criminals had already paid but the criminals went simply on with their discotheque and now police did not know what was to do. Instead of getting military assistance eliminating this place of big open air noise detaining the criminals they let go this discotheque during the whole night and nobody could sleep

-- night's sleep in Peru has NO chance - by the reasons mentioned above

-- or one can it say also in another way: night's sleep is only there in Peru where is nothing, in the far outest spot of a town where people is that poor that they don't have any discotheque equipment yet

-- or one can it say also in another way: night's sleep is only there in Peru where is no Peruvian.

Open air discotheque during the whole night with full volume can be called also discotheque torture, because robbing sleep systematically is a method of torture according to anti torture convention of UNO. The same counts principally for discotheque torture during the day because concentration capacity and work capacity are very harmed during the day by these discotheques. But 95% of Peruvian population are working in conditions without big brain work, so loud discotheque during in the day is more desirable in Peru.

Festivals in Peru only with the purpose squeezing out the money of the neighbor

There are certain families in Peru who are specialized in organizing festivities. That means that there is purchased a huge music equipment giving the privilege to this family organizing big discotheques in combination with some food or grill, and this is not only for 3 hours in the evening, but this is going on through the whole night until 7 o clock in the following day. This discotheque terrorism in the night has got a tradition in Peru and can be organized in houses or in streets. Neighbors who want to sleep have to prepare their ears with cotton or have to go to sleep in another place. Police is not doing anything, and Security Guard is rather member of the festivity than guaranteeing calm.

This arrogant open air festivities robbing any sleep to the neighbor is organized to squeeze out the money of all neighbors, and this has got a tradition in Peru. Police is not doing anything. Fines of police are not having any effect. A next step of police action would be the confiscation of the music equipment - but this is not foreseen, but loud discotheque festival is simply going on. Letters from a lawyer to the mayor have no effect. This discotheque terrorism in Peru is supported by the administrative boards and therefore stultification of Peruvian population is officially supported. This behavior for example could be watched regularly in Jesus-Maria district of Lima.

Kitchen discotheque and selling of waste on the plate

Mostly there is discotheque in the kitchen respectively there is also a discotheque mentality there, and therefore Peruvians in restaurants with Peruvian kitchen many times are working "not so precisely" and therefore it can be that in restaurants of Peruvian towns with a "joyful" discotheque mentality

-- salad is already 2 days old (can be in whole Peru, e.g. in a little restaurant in Trujillo at the Pope's Roundabout (Ovalo Papal) in 2010
-- that Fried Potatoes are already 2 days old and rewarmed and are hanging like earthworms from the fork (I had some of these in a chicken restaurant in Trujillo at Larco Avenue in 2011, and also in Chiclayo in Balta Avenue in another chicken restaurant in 2011)
-- when you eat a meal with pineapple there is used also the hard center of the pineapple and you have waste on the plate which you hardly can chew what you only notice when the waste is in your mouth (happened 2 times in a Chifa restaurant in Trujillo at Larco Roundabout in 2011)
-- and it can be that there are stones in the soup when vegetables are not cleaned well before (happened in a restaurant in Jesus-Maria every year about 2 times).

One can say it also in another way: The chiefs have so much discotheque that they loose the prices, have too low prices and wages and then they also sell waste. Selling waste is principally a hobby in Peru, because there is practically no control of sellings.

TV addiction of Peruvians - TV discotheque for children and youths - television terrorism in public places

Also television in Peru is a big problem. Parents don't know how children are developing their brain and how thinking processes are trained, and Peruvian parents hardly know that peaceful playing with children is fostering children's intelligence development. But parents in Peru are thinking in another way: they don't want to play with children because the child could "win" against the parents and the parents could loose "authority" by this. That's why children in Peru often stay without any play - not considering that parents are always an "authority" by their height of body.

When children want to play with the parents, parents have a simple method: they put on TV and there is not only series, cartoons or publicity of mobile phones, but there is also discotheque and dance. Well, there is TV disco for children manipulating them so there is "no problem", and by this the will to learn and to think is disconnected.

TV manipulations with series, cartoons, publicity with mobile phones and TV discotheque and dance shows are going on up to youth's age and young adult age in public space, and is repeated always where are waiting sectors in public institutions in hospitals, in waiting sectors of layers, in waiting rooms of bus terminals, in almost all restaurants, in some restaurants are even two TVs so all clients can see TV not important their position, and TV terrorism is also in all tour buses and even in town's regional bus systems etc. pp.

TV terrorism in Peru has no limits, and Peruvians even mean that they would learn something watching TV. But there is nothing to learn there because educational TV does not exist in Peru, and education for adults does not at all exist, and when there exists some education this would be on "History" channel but this is never seen in public places where the boss of a restaurant only wants to have entertainment. There are also bosses manipulating the population with TV consumption blocking systematically the will of learning or the will of thinking.

Cinema torture in Peruvian tour buses

Since the invention of DVD videos there is a cinema torture in Peruvian tour buses and travel firms are terrorizing passengers systematically with films of wars. This torture does not permit quiet travels any more but is provoking even more general passivity in the humans. So, this is another method manipulating the masses in Peru accepting any corrupt government's policy.

Playing with alarm equipments in Peru as a proof that Peruvians have lost all their brain (torture by alarm equipments)

Since cars in Peru have alarm equipments, these alarm equipments are not used to protect the car, but are used to play with it because any alarm equipment has got a remote control as one can steer to open the locks of the car by remote control. That means:

-- there are alarm equipments of Peruvian cars working when the car is parked in the parking lot and the owner is staying aside the car provoking attention resp. bothering certain pedestrians (that could be observed always again and again in Peru, above all in Lima)

-- there are alarm equipments of Peruvian cars working when a nice woman is coming on the sidewalk and the kinky, frustrated, Peruvian car owner has watched secretly this from his house nearby (this alarm terrorism can be watched again and again in whole Peru)

-- there are even working several alarm equipments of Peruvian cars at the same time when several women are coming on the sidewalk which is watched secretly by the kinky frustrated Peruvian car owners from their nearby houses (this alarm terrorism can be watched again and again in whole Peru)

-- there is working an alarm equipment of a Peruvian car when a white colored European is coming on a sidewalk and a racist Peruvian car owner is watching this secretly from his nearby house, and eventually there are even several alarm equipments working then (this could be observed in several districts of Lima)

-- there are working alarm equipments of Peruvian cars in whole living districts when Peruvians are boring themselves, for example in a Sunday afternoon. One is beginning with it, and step by step the whole living district is turned into a unique alarm equipment. This play can last 5 minutes (this could be watched in stultified Trujillo in stultified district of San Andrés in 2010 and in 2011), or this alarms play could be watched also for over one hour (this could be watched in military district of Magdalene in Lima in December 2008)

-- it's also a hobby of many Peruvian neglected drivers without brain to install their alarm equipment so it is sounding every time when there is passing a lorry. This could be watched for example in Lima in Jesus-Maria district in 20089. When I was passing personally notating the car's number shield and I was asking the policeman beside this car this policeman declared that this would be his car. This policeman did not bother anything that the whole house block was systematically terrorized for hours by his alarm, but can be that he even thought that this would be a prevention measure against criminality...

-- some Peruvian drivers like to drive with alarm working during driving imitating police car. This could also be observed in Lima in Jesus-Maria. Yes, adult Peruvians are like 3 year old babies and never want to be adult...

-- or other Peruvian drivers are in a parking lot setting the 3 years old child on the wheel's place and let work the alarm showing "how is the alarm". Also this could be observed in Lima in Jesus-Maria district SEVERAL TIMES - and Peruvian parents mean that the "sound" of alarms wold be "culture" - but it's nothing more than psycho terrorism.

One can see, living without brain of Peruvian alarm drivers bothering fellow humans not solving problems has no limits because these alarm plays also happen during the night. Peruvians therefore are behaving like PIGS, destroying mental environment and night's rest and in that way they destroy any development of intelligence. Police only arranges traffic - or sometimes not even this...

This behavior can be called also alarm equipment torture because withstanding to these alarm plays needs a special mental energy and this energy is missing then for other activities. And the majority of Peruvian population even thinks that these alarm plays would be normal because 95% of poor Peruvians hardly have seen other countries.

This torture by alarm equipments could be observed also in Ecuador in Ambato and in Puño, and also in Columbia many times, less in Chile, Argentina and Venezuela.

Taxi drivers playing honking - absolute taxi honking terrorism in Peru (honking torture)

Well, alarm terrorism is not all yet what Peruvians have as resources destroying calm in the night and for sound terrorism. Since Fujimori dictatorship taxi drivers in Peru have developed the custom to "attack" pedestrians "honking" bringing more passengers into their taxi. That means that in Peruvian towns it's not possible to walk in calm or to wait for a bus in calm, but one is always "attacked by honking" resp. is terrorized systematically by honking of taxi drivers. This taxi honking is also happening in the night. That means that Peruvians who don't want to have a taxi, they have to bring a great mental force only to defend themselves from this honking of the taxi drivers, and therefore these mental capacities are blocked for other activities.

Well, it's clear that in an officially catholic country like Peru porn is officially prohibited, but therefore men are looking for porn in the street, and taxi drivers have a real "porno job" rating women pedestrian according to their bodies, and when there are nice women or when there are pregnant women on the sidewalk the honking is two or three times as much, or they always want to have love couples in their taxi driving them to a disco.

Add to this there are special criminal taxi drivers in Trujillo: they also are honking when there is not one single pedestrian in the street, but they are honking "against houses" with the idea that house dwellers would be "lured" into their taxi. And in Trujillo are even taxi drivers "searching" systematically facades of houses and front gardens if there would be potential clients, and therefore one cannot live in a front garden in calm without honking terrorism any more in Trujillo, or a woman looking out of the window is also "honked" etc. These taxi drivers of Trujillo also don't know any privacy and even are "attacking" school children on their way home behaving like pedophiles. This is a very special behavior of taxi driver PIGS in Trujillo - I observed this personally during a walk in San Andrés.

This honking of taxi drivers also can be called honking torture because resisting to this honking needs special mental energy so other sectors have less energy. In no other country I could observe such a honking torture - but majority of Peruvians think that this honking terrorism would be normal because 95% of poor Peruvians hardly have seen other countries.

Some Peruvians suffer much by this honking torture, men less, but above all women. There are even some taxi drivers working as private spies watching dwellers of a sector and then they are ambushing the dweller in the morning offering driving the person "to her work" - and in that way the taxi driver wants to install a fixed taxi relationship with a man or with a women of the upper class. This was reported to me - and it cannot be another town - in Trujillo.

So, terrorism of taxi drivers does not know any limit. Some women are not walking on sidewalks any more because of this taxi terrorists. And when you say to the taxi driver that honking terrorism is prohibited by law, then the taxi driver is calling the person as a "fool". Police? is only watching the traffic, or many times not even this...

Terrorism with soccer games during the whole night - absolute torture and disturbance of peace (torture by soccer screaming)

Peruvian PIGS (the big majority of them are men, above all in the countryside and in provincial towns) they are topping their animal behavior of discotheque terrorism, addiction to TV, alarm plays and taxi honking terrorism with a soccer terrorism. How does work this?

Certain governments in Peru have got the idea that youths and young adults could be saved from drogue consumption by playing soccer during day and night on soccer places in living districts. This theory is even forced by installing some tribunes (in Lima, in Trujillo a.o.), so, this soccer place is called "Losa". Well, soccer is a play of herds, and behavior of football players is like wolves and screaming of wolves, and therefore this soccer theory is not working but there are negative consequences: Peruvian soccer players are not only organizing soccer games in these "Losas", but they mean that they had the right for screaming around as they want, or they are organizing also festivities there laughing drinking and fucking through the night. Night's rest is regularly harmed and disturbed massively, because they are behaving like wolves.

Hindering this one has to install latticeworks around the soccer place (resp. around the "Losa"), or one has to destroy the soccer place. But certain people mean that these side effects by football in the night would not be that bad in the night because house owners would live mostly in the first floor behind the walls and would not listen anything of this soccer noise. Well, but there are other people renting flats in higher floors without having protecting walls. These renters hear all, and when there are two or three floor houses there is even an echo effect reinforcing the football shouts. Some local mayors or park presidents are denying then these connections calling the tenant as a "fool". These connections could be observed in criminal town of Trujillo in San Andres district in San Esteban park.

But Peruvian football players forming their wild football teams (herds of wolves) since about 20 years, they want to play football during the night (at least until 2 o'clock in the night) and want to realize their "soccer community". Well, for them it's not important to whom they are robbing the sleep because when there is built a little stadium ("Losa") so there is a "Losa" and in such a "Losa" soccer is permitted. And therefore "wild Peruvian" (wolf) has won the power in this Peru: football players without brain.

Regular disturbance of peace by soccer games in the night respectively regular wakening in the middle of the night by soccer screams and by wild soccer behavior must be rated as an absolute torture by soccer screams (according to UNO convention against torture), because wakening and robbing of sleep is one of the torture methods which is internationally outlawed - for example by screaming without reason.

But Football player Peruvians mean that playing soccer during the night would be an expression of "freedom". And these wild football night players in Peru are also policemen, regardless taxi drivers, craftsmen, employees and even lawyers are so wile playing football and screaming during the night on "Losas" and soccer places committing consequently this torture by soccer screams.

In no other country this torture by soccer screams could be observed but in countries with more discipline the soccer places are arranged in separated areas from living districts and soccer can be executed only in clubs as e.g. in Argentina.

Of course it is also like this that the eternal Peruvian soccer player has no development of intelligence. And coach is missing and many soccer talents are not detected also when there would be the quality for an international career. Concretely coaches could find many soccer talents in "Losas" - e.g. in Trujillo.

Cock crow terrorism in the night from 3 o'clock on - absolute torture and disturbance of the peace (cock crow torture)

Well, there is another torture yet in the night: cock is coming!

A big part of poor Peruvian population blocking themselves it's mental development by discotheque, honking, alarm equipments and soccer screams, they also have the habit nursing hens and cocks on their roofs producing eggs, or nursing cocks for illegal cock fights selling them to illegal cock stadiums (e.g. breeding of cocks in Nasca in the town's center aside hotels, or in Palta in an Eastern district). By this reason there is an incredible cock noise in Peru's living districts from 3 o'clock on, and from 4 o'clock on it's unbearable. Many times there is not only one cock, but there are several cocks in a screaming competition - and the dwellers have the order to "accustom" to this cock crow.

Well, what does that mean concretely? Cock crow is bothering all the working with dreams from 3 o'clock on. Peruvians who don't have a deep sleep are dozing from 4 o'clock on in their beds and cannot dream any more. And therefore one's again a big part of intelligence is lost in big parts of the population.

Peruvians don't know that dreams are important. Dreaming world is never a topic in the press. This world does hardly exist in Peru, or not at all.

This cock crow from 3 o'clock on in the night could be evaded with simple measures, with closed henhouses, with prohibition of cock breeding and replacement of cock breeding by other animals etc. or extracting vocal chords of the cock. All in all one can see that illegal cock fights are more than only illegal cock fights, but these cock fights provoke a strong disturbance of the peace damaging development of intelligence in Peruvian population.

This noise by cock crow from 3 o'clock on in the night (or from 3 o'clock on in the early morning) can be called also like cock crow torture, because these cocks are robbing systematically robbing the sleep of the population every night, and robbing sleep without reason is torture according to Anti Torture Convention of UNO.

Worst case with cock crow torture could be observed for example in Nasca center where is a cock breeding station just in the center. Other locations where cocks were robbing my sleep were a hotel in Trujillo in Covivorti district in Orrega Avenue or a hotel in Ayacucho, or also in the center of Caracas or in Palta in a district in the East. Humans in Peru are suffering and suffering on with this noise of the cocks and are not doing anything about it, there are not even closed houses for them, and another time a part of intelligence development is lost.

This cock crow terrorism could also be observed in Ecuador in Baños and in Columbia in the countryside. Therefore one knows now where is a potential to be found for more intelligence development arranging some conditions against cocks.

The effect of all these torture methods:

Peru has got a medium intelligence of IQ 70 to 80 - cause studies and intelligence are not wanted in Peru

So, we have in Peru:

1. torture of discotheques day and night
2. addiction to TV and cinema torture
3. torture of alarm equipments
4. torture of taxi honking
5. torture of soccer screams in the night
6. torture of cock crow in the night.

These 6 factors are blocking any development of intelligence, and therefore the media intelligence (IQ) in Peru is mostly there where it is in Africa, that means in the animal section between 70 and 80 (debility). And this debility in Peru has got the following characters:

-- cause studies are not wanted because life with discotheques is provoking a "it's not important mentality", and by this nothing is arranged but it's only escalating, and therefore there are murders and robberies in Peru every day instead of arranging problems, and in this way Peruvians have got a behavior like PIGS because they are behaving so in whole life like they would be in a discotheque: as PIGS, and Peruvian women are collaborating or are suffering with fear taking a lawyer after cases of injustice because when the women wins the case many men are murdering the women (and this is normal for Peru!!!)

-- to organize is a foreign word for Peruvians: nothing is organized, no recycling, no guaranteed night's rest, intelligence is an element only on the ridge, or intelligent people is better urged for emigration so disco country of Peru is not "bothered"

-- also reading is for most Peruvians a foreign word: most of Peruvians are addicted to discotheque and addicted to sex and therefore they don't want to read anything anymore and therefore also further education is blocked in their life, and therefore economic thinking and logic is also blocked which is developing with 20 years only. From 20 years on there is NO development any more

-- traffic police in Peru is existing, but criminal police practically does NOT exist, but there is prosecution service which is completely overcharged, and many Peruvians are afraid of this prosecution service because neighbors will say that he was with the prosecution service provoking another counter reaction

-- intelligence is that low in Peru that police and prosecution service often are collaborating with criminal gangs or even are bosses of criminal gangs sharing the pray augmenting their salaries robbing the own population - that's normal in Peru

-- unknown Peruvians or for example Peruvian pig taxi drivers are raping girls, and when the girls is pregnant by this the girl does not know who is the father, and Peruvian system has got no system to find this father whereas there is genetic technique for this - but the girl has to bear the child because abortion is prohibited - above all when there were press news about the case

-- humans in Peru are stuck in their psychic illnesses and sadisms because they are stuck in discotheque mentality instead of being healed psychologically - this counts for many policemen also which have lots of ill complexes!!!

-- constructive life is not wanted in Peru because this would counteract Peruvian sadistic discotheque mentality

[many Peruvians even don't know that sadism is and therefore they cannot recognize this bad habit]

-- in the contrary: there is a mentality to destruct themselves in Peru by the "stronger", which counts for discotheques in the night and soccer games in the night, because these groups are "more" than the humans who want to have calm in the night

-- lack of intelligence in Peruvian government is also the reason why police in Peru is always more and more cut the funds and does not know how to find a name of a culprit because police in Peru has no Internet, has no e-mail addresses, but police is working like in the 1950s with handbook and - when there is a high quality police center - with a functioning printer

-- in case of damage by other renter house owners are simply "not informed" how defending against a person, but they give all responsibility to the "Security Guard" ("Serenazgo") respectively "Seguridad", but they have no competence of decisions and not at all any competence for giving fines, and therefore there are often big "theaters", but normally nothing is arranged because the culprits know that "Security Guard" has no competence

-- house owners in Peru often break also any private life opening letters from renters because they want to know how much money they have, or which credit processes are "working"

-- house owner's association does not exist in Peru, every house owner has to fight for it's own when there is no good neighbor's solidarity

-- house owners in Peru also make certain intrigues against certain renters, are telling private things of renter's private life, don't protect renters from rumors etc. And when there is a foreigner then there is immediately a fight against him,and above all all rumors are well believed but only with the foreigner they never speak finding out the real truth. Because truth is principally NEVER wanted in Peru but tension in life is wanted, and without rumors there is no tension...

In towns of Peruvian jungle the situation is even worse in some locations because there is only governing discotheque and general economic and cultural disaster and alcohol.

By discotheque mentality many things are "permitted" from one moment to the other what can be "hidden" in the mass of people, so theft is suddenly "permitted", or intrigues are normal with this disco mentality, and when an intrigue is wrong, that's not interesting for anybody. When one is a foreigner in this case the foreigner never is right because in Peruvian discotheque only the majority is right. That's how functions Peruvian "democracy", eventually also accompanied with racist songs of Stupid Group (Grupo 5).

In Peru only discotheque and transport and corruption is working and nothing else

-- in Peru principle is dominating that with discotheque all would be "better", but just the contrary is the case: Nothing is working any more, but also in federal boards there is fucking and not working, e.g. in ministry of justice with many strikes for having fun

-- in Peru there is the principle that elections are won by this person who can organize the best discotheque or street festival because it's not important who is elected. The big problems mostly never are solved - only when a genius would be mayor, but there are only two or three of them, and without intelligence will be no genius...

-- the principle "presenting" oneself with discotheques is working also in politics which is regularly violating any law performing discotheques, also during the night on places without any protection, or even in the street through the night, and nobody has got the courage for denouncing the mayor (e.g. in criminal Trujillo)

-- therefore in Peru are working only discotheque and transports, but mail is not working because since 2 years parcels are systematically robbed

-- in a discotheque no law is valid and this has the consequence that also in all day's life most of Peruvians think that law is not valid because all day's life should be like a discotheque.

And aside to all this there is an incredible corruption about mines, oil fields and gas fields in Peru. There one can find the political upper class of Peru as policy with IQ 70 to 80 is permitting it.

Center's mentality of Peruvian mayors

-- and for a political discotheque is taking place always in a "center" of a location, the mayors mostly develop a center's mentality not doing anything anymore for the outskirts, and that's why outskirts in Peruvian towns only consist in earth paths (on the coast line without rain there are dusty earth paths), and therefore there is no water in the houses of the outskirts, and therefore there is no electric power either because the dwellers have to pay so much for public traffic so they cannot pay hardly any more, and therefore there is garbage service only once a week in the outskirts, or often even no one, and therefore there is garbage in the earth path or in the garden rotting and there are so many flies on the meal so one cannot see the meal any more etc., and the mayors don't know anything of that and only visit the outskirts when there are elections (that I saw in the outskirt "Los Industriales" in stultified Trujillo)

-- the mayors principally never speak of the poor, this is not "interesting", and the festival activities of the mayors are not visited by the poor either because they have not the money for the festival

-- and the dwellers of the outskirts are waiting and waiting until something will happen or organized, instead of organizing themselves. They don't know how is organizing because Peruvians don't learn this in school, or because police and mayor themselves are blocking and intimidating the dwellers or are even robbing the dwellers in their crisis situation.

You don't believe this? Here are examples:

1. Peruvian police manipulated food aid of the government after the earthquake of 2007 so the food prices were rising in the earthquake territories and food aid did never come

2. Peruvian mayors after the earthquake of 2007 distributed lists where any harmed family could inscribe for help when houses were damaged or did not exist any more (Ica, Pisco, Chilca etc.). Then the money came from Lima government, but now the mayors exchanged the lists and now the names of "friendly" families were on the list. These "friendly" families got the money and could enlarge their houses, and the families of the damaged houses remained without funds and had to leave their house or even had to live in tents.

3. Or after a bus accident the luggage of the passengers is robbed instead of helping to the passengers!

These perverse criminal manners of behavior are "normal" in torture discotheque Peru!!!

The duo discotheque / festival taxi driver

-- and when in school spirit and thinking capacity are not developed but mainly discotheque is made (gymnastic lesson with discotheque, home work with discotheque), so also broad education is not possible but broad education is absolutely blocked, and therefore the state remains with a mass of stupid human beings with the mental maximum to be a taxi driver

-- and therefore there are so many taxi drivers in Peru, and they like to drive taxi when there are many discotheques because they like to drive love couples or many women in a taxi, this is porno compensation for the taxi driver

The duo discotheque / festival activities taxi driver is working in Peru hand in hand.

Foreigners are presented only in an negative way in Peru - but foreigners are organizing big parts of Peru

-- press and TV are only giving negative news about foreigners and never mention foreigners in a positive way

-- press and TV are even enjoying presenting Peruvians better than foreigners, and that's why foreigners are always presented in a negative way

But foreigners are essential for essential parts of Peru:

-- Chilean are organizing Peruvian railway system (to Machu Picchu)

-- Chinese are organizing Peruvian shopping centers of "Metro" and "Plaza Vea" etc. pp.

-- many ONGs are organizing things for the Peruvian poor, but this is never shown in the media but in the case of doubt ONGs are presented as a negative element as if they would harm Peru (e.g. in the Pizango case)

-- some Peruvians even are screaming at foreigners - who are presenting solutions for problems - they should go back to "their country", and Peruvians would be allowed all because they would be "Peruvians" and foreigners should keep quiet letting Peruvians in peace

-- even more extremer is the case when Peruvian spies are communicating the ideas of foreigners to the police and then Peruvian police is distributing criminal and defaming rumors against this foreigner person so there will be not one single change for sure and the problems for sure will not be solved by the foreigner, and when this foreigner is leaving the place then the Peruvians will realize the ides of the foreigner - but only when the foreigner has left.

Principally this negative presentation of foreigners without end in Peruvian press is also torture of foreigners. But this is even not topic in UNO because UNO also is governed by corrupt governments.

Further education for adults does not exist in Peru - but blaming foreigners exists

For more of Peruvian brains have been blocked in youth times by discotheque and by other terrorisms and torture already, it is clear that as adult persons there will be no further learning process at all any more because the torture methods are blocking the mental development forever. That means:

-- big majority of Peruvians are satisfied with a life with discotheque, TV, sex and food, and more they don't want
-- big majority of Peruvians are blaming neighbors when there are problems or are blaming "an other person" presenting well themselves
-- big majority of Peruvians are blaming foreigners when there are problems presenting Peruvians better
-- and when foreigners are coming analyzing the system of discotheque pig mentality and other torture methods, then foreigners are blamed because foreigners did not help.

And the very last: dog's barking torture of locked dogs by lovesickness

Many Peruvians have got dogs, but they don't keep them well but they lock them on the roofs of their houses and never go for a walk with them because many Peruvians mean that this would be only waste of time. Therefore certain dogs develop a "dog's life" on the roof an never have a roof or shadow and are always barking when there is something happening in the street, and also in the night they are barking on the roof because of lovesickness to other dogs kept on other roofs. These dogs never are allowed sniffling around, and therefore we have even two facts of torture in this case in criminal Peru:

-- the dog is tortured because he is locked on the roof and his energies for running ans his senses are forbidden and he stays without any social contact

-- and humans respectively the neighbors of the criminal dog owners are tortured because the eternal dog's barking in the night is not stopped - but the dog's owner is sleeping in the first floor in shut rooms where one almost cannot hear any barking of his dog.

We see: In Peru the social behavior to dogs is partially absolutely underdeveloped, and also to the neighbor. Such torture of dogs and dog's barking torture could be observed e.g. in criminal Trujillo in the district of Vista Hermosa (Bright View), or also in Lima in Jesus-Maria district or in Lima in Miraflores district.

Conclusions: calm and spirit do not exist in Peru - Peruvian torture methods are systematic bothering with noise and disturbance of the peace

Calm and spirit do not exist in Peru, so, but the great majority of Peruvians means that the following torture methods would be "normal":

1. torture by discotheque day and night
2. addiction of TV and of cinema
3. torture by alarm systems
4. torture by honking
5. torture by soccer screams in the night
6. torture by cock crow in the night
7. and torture by dog's barking in the night.

And mostly the mayors themselves are fostering these torture methods keeping themselves on power and making stupid the population as it was tradition during Fujimori dictatorship.

All this has got it's side effects:

-- well analyzed concepts for solving problems are not well loved because mayors don't want to realize them (can be the urban mayor or the district mayor)

-- solving problems is not a standard in Peru but there is dance, money spent for the moment and fucking and one should rate this behavior - which ends much times in depth - also as well done and "gringos" should even pay the Peruvian's depth

-- all in all this behavior of a noise without end and disturbance of peace can be rated as one huge torture, because the mental development is harmed regularly and in the night one's sleep is robbed regularly and this is torture according to UNO Anti Torture Convention.

And the last of the very last: torture of garbage

One has to know that Peruvian mentality with discotheque, arrogance, nonchalance, with wrong pride, with game's mentality, with noise mentality, and with mentality of "I won't do anything" also includes the tradition to throw garbage wherever one can, on streets, on avenues, in parks, on pastures, in any corner etc. And therefore Peru principally is one single waste disposal site, and majority of Peruvians does not bother anything about garbage in the streets because this is like they want it, throwing garbage in the street, because this is always a confirmation for being "free". That's logic Peruvian thinking, and therefore they behave like PIGS.

It's only logic that this behavior is torture provoking illnesses, provoking cockroaches, provoking rats, provoking aunts, provoking provoking and provoking. But Peruvians like to be "free", and persons or children falling ill because of the garbage, they are guilty themselves, that's their problem...

So we have in this wast disposal site of Peru:

1. torture by discotheque day and night
2. addiction of TV and of cinema
3. torture by alarm systems day and night
4. torture by honking day and night
5. torture by soccer screams in the night
6. torture by cock crow in the night
7. and torture by dog's barking in the night.
8. and the torture of waste (practically whole Peru is a garbage deposit).

Conclusion: most of brainless Peruvians want joy without intelligence

Most of brainless Peruvians
-- like organization of discotheques meaning this would be a "development" having clients sucking their money but discotheque is blocking any mental development
-- like terrorizing people by honking having lured them as passengers into their taxi fighting also against public traffic hunting bus passengers
-- like behavior all day long as it would be a discotheque, and therefore they are urinating in all places in parks, house corners, building sites etc.
-- like driving in cars which principally are also garbage
-- like to control nothing because controls would provoke only problems for both sides
-- like to turn victims into culprits not having any problems with the real culprits.

Conclusion: bit majority of Peruvians are PIGS - and a little part of men and a big part of women are suffering

In Peru nobody is defending the law but all mean that all should be ruled by itself. This is also because lawyers take high prices and nobody can pay them, above all in province towns.

And when nobody wants to "think", then he should change the country. This shouted many Peruvians to the thinkers.

And because of this I have only one conclusion after 2 1/2 years of stay in Peru in different towns:

Peruvians not only are behaving like PIGS, but they ARE PIGS, because discotheque and festivities since school times are blocking any development of intelligence, and because discotheque is even promoting arrogance, and also adults are not changing being a PIG and don't want any correction any more because they mean that they would be "adult" - and they don't want any advice from foreigners. And also policeman are living in this I-don't-want-any-further-education-mentality. Because.

PIGS mean that they are living well - because in this way PIGS are thinking. One could principally make a new definition of this discotheque and torture mentality as a unique "race". And who is not collaborating with this Peruvian discotheque mainstream is bidden to close his ears with cotton.

Therefore one can let PIG only as PIGS. In no other country I have ever seen PIGS like in Peru. A part of the women is collaborating, another part is heavily suffering in fear and has not got the courage to take a lawyer whereas lawyers for poors are for free because women have fear to be murdered by the PIGS - and this fear is absolutely real because also in discotheques are happening murders and then the culprits flee rapidly in the mass of people not being discovered.

Peru is an eternal discotheque of PIGS, with all kinds of torture in it going with discotheque: addiction of TV with torture of cinema, torture by alarm equipments, torture by honking, torture by soccer screams, torture by cock crow.

At the same time a little part of the men are suffering much because they want calm and spiritual development, and a big part of the women is suffering with worries about the children. But this big suffering is not a topic in Peru, and police is not only feeling having the right of defense but these rights have to be claimed with singular claims in Peru. But lawyers are that expensive and a lawyer's letter costs as much as half of a month's salary (e.g. in Trujillo 200 soles with a month's salary of 400 soles) so the affected people have no money for their defense and only are afraid of the culprits, and therefore there is no civil defense against the PIG terrorism of discotheque and against the other kinds of torture in this Peru, and therefore people in Peru is going on suffering and mental development is going on to be blocked instead of being promoted.

The concept organizing big festivity activities in closed halls or in underground locations is not possible in Peru until today because most of corrupt mayors don't feel any necessity for any construction of big halls or underground locations because the mayors also are part of the festivities and don't want to think either.

Conclusion: Don't emigrate to Peru - PIG's mentality of torture is unbearable

By these reasons mentioned above one should not emigrate to Peru, but to another country where this PIG's mentality of torture does not exist.

Peru is worth a visit, and there are some singular good people living with these PIGS, but Peru is not worth an emigration.

And Peruvian corrupt government and Peruvian corrupt police is not interested in thinking because then some persons would not be in their service any more, but Peruvian police is partially supporting the torture methods or is even member of the groups executing this torture (e.g. policemen playing soccer during the night in Trujillo in San Andrés district, or mayor in Ayacucho approving loud mega discotheques in the center during the night probably with profit sharing). It seems that torture in Peru is well organized by the upper government boards.

Peruvians abroad

And now you can imagine how Peruvians are behaving abroad:

-- can be they are thinking Peruvians abroad having suffered under discotheque mentality and under torture methods integrating completely into the foreign system, for example little merchants in Switzerland selling Peruvian clothes with high value

-- or there are the Pig Peruvians who want to distribute their discotheque mentality and are exploiting certain space where is no law (for example Pig Peruvians in Ecuador introducing taxi honking with illegal taxi drivers with their private car in Guayaquil, introducing alarm games in whole Ecuador, introducing the rite of the shouting street merchant in Chile and organizing regular "Peruvian festivities" in Chile in Santiago (observation in 2010) squeezing the money from other people whereas the money should be for children and their school things etc. There is also a Peruvian group in Ecuador in Otavalo and they also wanted to introduce their terrific discotheque terrorism torture in Otavalo but after some months had to change to lower volume (observation in 2012).

-- or there are the Pig Peruvians who want to distribute their discotheque mentality and are exploiting certain space where is no law or where law is hardly controllable abroad, for example Pig Peruvians in Ecuador in Guayaquil introduced there taxi honking terrorism, first with illegal taxi drivers with a shield on their private car (2010)and in 2012 taxi honking terrorism was already widespread in Guayaquil (2012). Alarm games also were introduced in Ecuador by Pig Peruvians (2010) and were already  widespread in Ecuador (2012). Pig Peruvians also are spreading the bad habit of repeating shouting when they are street merchant always repeating its sales offer shouting at any people in a psycho terrorist way - in Chile in Santiago and in Chillán (observation of 2010), and in Santiago Peruvian Pigs are also organizing Peruvian festivities squeezing the money of the neighbors which is regularly for school things of the children etc. Also in Otavalo in Ecuador is a Peruvian Pig group and also these Pigs wanted to introduce discotheque terrorism torture during day and night but after some months they had to reduce the volume and in this case the Pig Peruvians could succeed for God's sake but they were dispiggued.(observation in 2012).

Peruvians with their torture methods are really bad and these torture methods never can solve any problem. Peruvians remain PIGS.

November 2014: garbage torture in Peru - Comas is only an example

This is an example how one can organize a living area as a garbage pit whereas there is much money given from the administration. A little enquiry shows this in Comas in 2014 (translation):

<The information of the municipality of Comas comes from the deputy Mr. Percy Aquino. He was stating that the situation is hard and the mayor of the district Mr. Nicolás Kusunoki seems to be absolutely incompetent not only concerning garbage but also concerning safety and others.

In the TV channel Canal N was indicated that Comas has a treaty with a company "Prisma Ecological Technologies SA" (Tecnología Ecológica Prisma S.A.C.") for 890% of the streets. The other 20% should be cleaned by the municipality but they don't have gasoline for their garbage vans.

Additionally this company "Pricma Ecological Technologies SA" has committed several crimes not fulfilling their working plan of taking the garbage from the streets. All in all they get about 1 million Soles every month (300,000 "US" dollars) and they don't fulfill their working plan.> [web03]

So there is the big suspicion that they take the money for not working using the funds for "other purposes", and there should be money for the gasoline too which seems to be abused...

All this is only possible because there is hardly any justice in Peru. The bosses of the garbage company are laughing at the population which has to live in the garbage. This is a living standard in Peru.
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[web01] http://www.americatv.com.pe/noticias/movil/actualidad/acumulacion-de-basura-en-comas-es-por-incompetencia-del-alcalde-aseguro-regidor-n119722