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Criminal Cartagena. Note

How Cartagena government is using unilaterally the money of UNESCO - and the poors remain like poors

Report by Michael Palomino (April 2012, after 2 weeks stay in criminal Cartagena)



The "old town"

"Beautiful old town" of Cartagena

Cartagena in Colombia? This is a beautiful old town - indicates the travel guide. This historic city was defined by UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage" and since then there is flowing money to Cartagena for renovations of houses. And indeed this old town of Cartagena - the "centro histórico" - is mostly renovated very well.

During the day this old town is full of tourists, taxis and peddlers. Here are the Bolivar square (there is no Weapon square - plaza de Armas - in Cartagena), here is the Gold Museum ("Museo de Oro", near Bolivar square), and there is the town hall with the office of the mayor (just aside the Coach square, "plaza de Coches"). Here in this "Centro Histórico" also can be found the hotels with high price level where one can spend 150 dollars per night, with little fountains in the entrance halls and with fridge in the room etc. So, the "normal" tourists will look for another stay which is cheaper.

But striking is already this: It's damned hot in this center of Cartagena. Consulting the Wikipedia article it can be seen that the highest average temperatures in Cartagena are always between 31 and 32 degrees, and this is during the whole year - so, Cartagena is that hot like Manila, for Europeans principally really hard. And there is another striking fact: There is NO public bus passing this old town, and there is no public bus passing the neighboring avenue either. It's only possible to take a taxi or one has to walk to the exit of the center taking a public bus. A quick bus passing the avenues of "La Matuna" is in project but after 5 years of construction time nobody knows when this "Transcaribe" system will be finished. Wonderful?

There is no public bus from the center to the beaches in Bocagrande either. Really wonderful, one has to walk 1 km in the heat to the alley at the sea side, or to take a taxi. This is well organized by the mayor of Cartagena - against all population of the center and against all tourists. They should not see the poors and should spend their money to the taxi drivers...

But there is coming a more striking thing:

Blocked old town in the evening - coaches without passengers

In the evening the old town is even blocked for taxis, and the tourists practically have the old town for their own. Perhaps there remain some push carts selling handicrafts, beer and fruits. On the Coaches square (plaza de Coches) the horse-drawn coaches are waiting for tours passing the old town by night for 40.000 Columbian pesos (20 dollars). The local population never has got this money for such a expensive fun. But for tourists the government is arranging everything. Only the thinking tourists are not inclusive because many coaches stay empty and never go.

So, for fans of horse-drawn coaches this old town of Cartagena is a special event.

But there is coming an even more striking thing:

Consumption of alcohol in the streets of Cartagena is well promoted!!!

In Columbia there is the law - and in Cartagena this is also real - that drinking alcohol in the street is permitted. This means that day and night tourists are always attacked by beer sellers with their mobile rolling beer cases offering beers. No, which thinking tourist wants to think on beer when he is visiting such a beautiful town's center? But it will be not only one attack, but within 30 minutes there will be three or even four attacks like this by beer sellers who want to impose beer on the tourists. This is absolutely PERVERSE. The government of Cartagena wants to alcoholize the tourists - but one has to know that tourists from North "America" and from Europe are not at all accustomed to beer consumption in the streets because there it's prohibited as it's also prohibited in the most South "American" states. But in Cartagena all people should soak beer in the streets. This means: Cartagena in Columbia is a town where the consumption of alcohol in the street is really promoted, and this behavior of the town's administration and of the mayor's office can be designated as absolutely criminal.

And there are coming more perverse things:

The "protection" of the tourists in the town's center of Cartagena

The tourists in the town's center of Cartagena are well "protected", on one hand by the high prices in the restaurants, bars and other locations, so there will never be a normal Columbian there having their festivities, and on the other hand there is an over present police watching any corner and patrolling on and on, and in every corner is a ward simulating a "total protection" to the tourist. But from whom is this protection?

And now there comes the real truth about Cartagena:

Police is against thieves and drunks

With it's presence the so called Columbian "police" helps to protect the tourists from the masses of the poors who want to rob the tourists. Well, why is there such a big danger of theft? Because the Columbian government has no intention at all to reduce poverty by social long term measures:

-- beggars are in any Columbian town in their town's centers, can be in Cali, en Bogotá or in Cartagena

-- also in Columbia the taxi driver is a kind of professions by which comes in much money more than with many other professions - as in criminal Peru.

And now comes a specialty of Cartagena:

-- many men in Cartagena are in groups in the street or are sitting in house entrances drinking, drinking and drinking until they fell and are brought away.

How was this with drinking in Cartagena? Here are the details:

-- drinking beer in the town's center is promoted by mobile beer sellers attacking on and on the tourists, but local population is prohibited drinking in the town's center

-- there are certain groups of men in Cartagena drinking all the day spending their money having fun loosing their money by drinking, in the district of Getsemaní near the town's center

-- in Cartagena there are even groups of men working in the morning and then in the afternoon they are in the district of Getsemaní all the afternoon and in the night until their last bus is leaving bringing them into their district where they are living - or they are sleeping in the street during the night and at the end they don't know any more where is their home.

And Columbian government is not doing any thing about this excessive drinking. Columbian government even is proud that there is free drinking in Columbia's streets. But it's proven that alcohol is destroying brain structures of the men. So, concerning health Columbia is stuck about in the 1920s of Central Europe... and of course many Columbians affected by alcohol are turning into choleric and are beating and violating women and children - but this is "freedom" of Columbia again. Cruel country is this Columbia.

Most of the South "American" countries have introduced laws against drinking in public space since a long time. Columbian government means that there would be defended a "freedom of drinking"... and by this there is produced more poverty because men are spending their money for drinking instead of giving it for more useful things. Therefore Columbian government is racist indirectly - against women and children.

Well, in the historical center of Cartagena these drinker gangs of Cartagena are fought by police so the drinker gangs would not attack the tourists.

No public bus in the town's center of Cartagena - the motorway around the old town - peepers and thieves - and cannon tubes

Well, there is NO public bus passing in the historic city of Cartagena. There is not one single public bus line in the avenues of "La Matuna" either just aside the historic city, but the government of Cartagena has made another extra solution: About 30 years ago there was built a motorway around the historic city resp. around the old town wall where are circulating the public bus lines. According to indications of the local population the construction of the motorway provoked the destruction of mangrove forests.

Wonderful, so a tsunami will hit the well renovated town's center - when there should be any tsunami in the Caribbean by any further reason. Now they have beaches there, but there is also a heavy breeze. Add to this the outer side of the town wall has it's own characteristic with peepers and thieves in the corners peeping the tourists when taking a bath in the sea - a porno substitute for the peeping Columbian boys who are not allowed to see a porn. Porn consumption is forbidden in the Catholic countries of South "America". Therefore some young guys of Cartagena are peeping at tourists, also with spyglasses. At the outer side of the town wall there is no police control...

But this town wall gives another service protecting the town's center from the breeze and from the noise of the motorway - well done is this system. Some parts of the town wall of Cartagena are in a well conserved shape and there can even be detected profiles of constructions, and in other places there can even be seen cannon tubes - as a signal of resistance against the damned "Spaniards" to whom all guilt is thrown when something is not working. Reality is another one: Mestizos only copied the Spanish Colonial system and the poors stay poor as it was under the Spaniards already. After the independences there hardly did not change anything in Latin "America". But the Mestizo governments of Latin "America" never want to see this, and not at all they want to see this when a foreigner is saying it. Ah well, there were also English pirates attacking and sieging the town sometimes, but normally there is never put any guilt to the English today.

Ah yes, psychologically seen a cannon tube means something what a man has and a woman has not, and taking away the cannons would mean that the members of governments would be castrated. Therefore one knows psychologically which spirit is working in Cartagena: pure machoism and machismo.

Walk in the night on the town wall of Cartagena

Going out for a walk with "it's bride" in the evening is a great thing: There is the whole old town at disposal, and in Cartagena there is also an almost completely conserved town wall showing many niches on the sea's side for chats and hugs etc. In former times these niches were for the cannon tubes, but this is not mentioned conserving "romantic" element of the tourist's stay.

There is even a restaurant with a bar on the town hall which is "affected" by a corresponding breeze of course. But it is the most uncomfortable spot for a restaurant with permanent breeze up to 60 km/ h, and the tables are put at the seaside, with the breeze so. But rich tourists are tolerating everything.

This breeze in Cartagena (and this is NOT mentioned in most of the articles about Cartagena) is NOT present any more when it's especially hot: Between June and September when the upper medium temperature is 32 degrees Celsius and when there are regular rain showers and sun is coming out again, there is no wind in Cartagena for 3 to 4 months. Therefore during this time a restaurant on the town wall makes really sense, but only in the evening with 29 degrees. People who want to have the breeze as a refreshment should NOT go to Cartagena between June and September, so...

Aggressive taxi drivers in Cartagena

It's a pity that other people in Cartagena are not so romantic. These are the taxi drivers of Cartagena who have really an awful behavior - like the Peruvian taxi drivers: They are aggressive terrorizing the pedestrians systematically honking and shouting "taxi taxi" destroying any romantic moment e.g. leaving the town's center passing the clock's tower. These taxi drivers think that they have got the right to terrorize people because there is missing any bus line in the center.

Of course these pig taxi drivers of Cartagena (as also the pig taxi drivers of Peru) are absolute peepers and compensating their deficit of sex and porn because porn is prohibited in these damned Catholic countries of South "America" until today whereas porn principally has never harmed to anyone in Europe but there is more peace - and there are less peepers. So, when you are in Cartagena, one has to defend oneself clearly with words against these aggressive taxi drivers to answer their awful behavior. The sentence "My name is not taxi" ("No me llamo taxi") is very polite yet.

At no other location in Columbia the taxi drivers were that aggressive and stupid as in Cartagena. So, there are even taxi drivers in Cartagena terrorizing the tourist hotels in the district of Getsemaní honking in the streets at 5 or 5:30 am in the early morning already, as a signal to get up now, or showing the possibility for transports to the bus terminal where the national buses are leaving. In this way the criminal taxi drivers of Cartagena are bothering honking at tourist hotels at 5 am already behaving themselves like little fathers as if the tourist could not arrange it's life - and those tourists who want to enjoy the morning in a calm way are bothered always by these honkings. This criminal behavior with regular honking at 5 or at 5:30 in the district of Getsemaní could be watched in St. Andrew Street (calle San Andrés).

Taximeter are not known in Cartagena.

Criminal district of Getsemaní

Old town's district of Getsemaní: free drinking next to the tourist hotels is allowed - the substitute porno for the locals - renting of bicycles

The district of Getsemaní is next to the historic center (centro histórico) and to the little district of "La Matuna". Getsemaní also is an old town's district, but not so renovated, but some houses are renovated already. Local population indicated that all houses will be renovated yet.

In this district of "Getsemaní" can be found the cheap tourist hostels with prices for one night of 20.000 to 50.000 Columbian pesos (10 to 25 dollars), mostly with wireless Internet. Especially striking was the hostel Holiday at Half Moon street (calle Media Luna) and the hostel "Casa Viena" ("House of Viena") at St. Andrew Street (calle San Andrés) with 30.000 pesos for one room with common bath. Less costs only hostel Yeimmi (Yeimi) - also at St. Andrew Street - with 30.000 pesos for a room with private bath. Beds in common rooms cost about 20.000 pesos.

And now comes something what hardly can be found in South "America": In the district of Getsemaní there can be rent bikes at several locations, normally for 4,000 to 5,000 pesos (2.5 dollars) per hour. But one has to make attention because these are Columbian bikes, and when the owner has no idea of bikes so there can be that the gears are not working, or that bottom bracket has it's "hicks" all the time, or only one break is working etc. More reliable is a bike dealer in the shopping gallery at Half Moon street renting bikes for 5,000 pesos for one hour. But one has to elect between bikes with some gears or bikes without gears but with basket. Gears and basket were not possible...

Well, all this sounds well. In the district of Getsemaní the masses of tourists are concentrated - and this has consequences:

Cartagena = Drink Town

Distinguishing district of Getsemaní from the almost completely renovated and dear historic center (centro histórico), that is drinking in the street: Here in Getsemaní drinking gangs can drink as much as they want, bothering people as much as they want, and police only is intervening when there is a fight, or not even then. Well, the drinkers are drinking there traditionally since years there getting drunk, and they have lost much of their brain already, but at the same time they mean that their drinking parties and aggressions would be "culture" of Cartagena. And you will laugh about it: The stupid and corrupt police of Cartagena ALSO says this. Police in Cartagena reported to me that this drinking would be considered as a "freedom", drinking and be drunk in the street would be a "freedom". A hotel night guard indicated that every year two of these drinkers would die, and by this the quantity of drinkers would be reduced automatically. How the others are suffering by these drinking gangs, this would be not important. My conclusion is this: One can call Cartagena really as "Drink Town"...

This is not a fairy tale, but this is the truth concerning Half Moon Street (calle Media Luna) and St. Andrew Street (calle San Andrés). Police of Cartagena lets the drinkers drink and drunk.

The drinker's groups are sitting from the morning to the night in Getsemaní next to the tourist hostels peeping with envy the tourists and their luggage. This is the substitute porn for the eternally frustrated men of Cartagena who cannot arrange their life any more, and it can also be a preparation of theft of luggage. Peeping tourists - and nobody is intervening.

But all this makes sense for police of Cartagena:

Stupid police of Cartagena is using the drinker gangs as center of information

Also when pedestrians get in danger by fights of the drunks, there is no intervention, but the thing is another one: Police of Cartagena which does not want to work but is only driving around on their motor bikes with helmets or is driving around in groups in open lorries only watching the floors, this stupid - and probably also alcoholized police of Cartagena (for sure they cannot speak English, and not at all German whereas there are many German tourists in Cartagena) - this absolutely stupid police of Cartagena is using the drinker gangs collecting information and caching rumors. It could be seen several times how police was standing next to the drunks and noted and noted things and things without speaking with the drunks or having eye contact with any tourist, and they were not watching what happened in the street either, but this stupid police of Cartagena was listening to the drunk people noting what the wanted to note. This means:

Instead of more schooling and taking courses for any further education these drunk people of Cartagena get even a special function in the name of safety in the town.

And with all this Cartagena is a human catastrophe. More perverse a town's policy cannot be. More perverse police cannot be. More perverse a commander cannot give his orders to the policemen getting information. Cartagena considered with it's police is criminal and perverse.

A drinker wanted to be my "friend"

At the end it even was like this that an alcohol addicted drinker wanted to be my "friend" when I was reading an announcement on a lamppost next to my hostel. This is what the alcohol addicted drinkers want: They bother people without end thinking that they would be a "culturally" precious element and want gifts from the tourists. This behavior also exists in criminal Peru where alcoholized people are bothering the population on and on. So, it was not possible to write in a calm way an announcement in Getsemaní - more harassment is not possible principally, and for the mayor it's not important...

My defense sentence was: "I am not your friend" ("no soy tu amigo"). Then the alcohol addicted drinker even asked: "Why?" (¿por qué?). The answer was: "Because you are an alcoholic" ("porque eres un alcohólico"). Then the addicted laughed and returned to his drinker's group. But he had destructed all what is element of a calm stay. The drinker want to dominate the tourists destructing their calm and distributing anxiety and provoking an uneasy feeling. To the mayor of Cartagena - probably also addicted on alcohol - and to the commanders of Cartagena - probably also addicted on alcohol, to them all this is not important. These are the objects and only their bank accounts are important for them as it seems.

Prostitution in Getsemaní: women wand tourists - and police is peeping it

In the district of Getsemaní at Half Moon Street (calle Media Luna) there can be watched also the following drama regularly: Young women from poor districts come there or are brought there, and they are posing next to the tourist hostels hoping for a tourist who wants a short sexual leisure time - or who wants to marry the girl. Well, Columbia has got good condoms, and Columbian women don't want venereal diseases for sure, but the drama is simply this that the money "made" by this method probably has to be given to all the family. Women are fucking against poverty. And to the mayor all tis seems not important.

Well: Next to the women's groups waiting for men - there are the men's groups of Cartagena giving out their money for drinking in the street with beers or with a bottle of whiskey and with drinks etc. We are in Drink Town for sure. And in this manner the system of Drink Town is working, nobody is helping to anybody and all are loosing: women are loosing their honor, and men are loosing their money and their brain by drinking drinks on and on. But when a tourist gives a chocolate to the young women he has provoked a memory in the young women for 50 years. (At the end only is winning the fish...)

Prostitution in Getsemani: police is peeping and working as spies

And now one can imagine that this stupid and alcoholized Columbian police also likes to be with the whores, and this is not as clients but as collector of rumors. So, perverse Columbian police is controlling which client is with which wore. And by this behavior as spies this police is violating any private zone of human beings, and by this police of Columbia can be designates really as "objects" who are not capable to give any help but only are controlling, watching and peeping. This is happening in coordination with the commanders, with the mayors and with the Columbian government. They are not more than objects.

Ah, yes: "Culture" in criminal Cartagena is also called "Christian" and "Catholic". By this alcoholics and peepers of Cartagena are turning more and more choleric, are beating and violating women and children because they have always less and less brain and cannot arrange their life any more. It can be supposed that AIDS is spread more by alcoholized men than by women. There could never be seen any propaganda against AIDS anywhere, but it could be seen propaganda against foreigners in many spots. More perverse a town's policy really is not possible.

The district of "Manga"

Center of the rich - threatened by the sea

Manga is an island with some bridges linked to the continent. Yet! Because when the sea level is continuing rising then Manga will no exist yet in some decades. There are missing about 30 cm yet up to the complete flooding. Many beaches are already flooded and drowned, and the mayor and Columbian government don't want to take serious this problem because they are never making a walk but are only on the way by car. Well, a flooded beach one can detect only on a walk. At the end only survives the fish...

Manga is a rich island where richness of Cartagena has it's seat with many sky scrapers with flats with sight to the bay, and there is the seat of the police and the seat of the "intelligence" (criminal police), and also social board is there. But don't believe that this police of Cartagena is "intelligent". They have sticks, pistols and uniforms. But a big part of them cannot even handle the Internet - and not at all can manage any foreign language whereas there are many tourists in Cartagena speaking English and German.

Port - water sports club - boat trips to Panama - bike taxis

In Manga there is also the port and the water sports club ("club Náutico") organizing boat trips to Panama. As a tourist one pays about 100 dollars per day meals inclusive. Well I don't know what is served there, I did not try it. It seems strange that there are no boat trips offered to the Dominican Republic to Holy Sunday (Santo Domingo). This is really a pity. There could not be found any reason for this non existence of neighbors connection.

Add to this there are tricycle taxis in Manga, and by a certain reason they don't circulate in the district of Getsemaní. That's a pity because many tourists would like to take a bicycle taxi.

I cold not see any beggars and drinkers in Manga. It seems that the town's administration of criminal Cartagena is well defining in which districts can be the "freedom" to be terrorized by drinker terrorists all day and night.

Manga also has got a beautiful promenade which is only sometimes affected by a mountain of garbage or of a channel with garbage in it.

Peninsula of "Bocagrande" ("Big Mouth") - beach with sky scrapers

Beaches on a hedgehog - hotels and casinos

The district of "Bocagrande" ("Big Mouth") is about 2 km from the town's center of Cartagena and there are the beaches of the town. One can select beaches on about 5 km with or without watching by peddlers, with or without peepers, with or without aggressive beach sellers, with or without sport's boats etc.

Bocagrande is the center for sky scrapers. The capitalists of Cartagena constructed their sky scrapers on the whole peninsula in the hope for rich tourists. Principally these are holiday flats of rich upper class of Columbia. So, Bocagrande is only full during the great holiday times of the country. During the rest of the year these flats are more or less empty and only stay some constant dwellers.

From outside this peninsula is like a hedgehog. Hotel prices on Bocagrande begin with about 100.000 pesos (50 dollars) per night and are going up without limits. Hotel Dann and hotel Hilton are such luxury hotels, fully air-conditioned, one cannot open any window, and who is not a millionaire there should not enter. Ah yea, and, casinos are right close to the hotels. In this respects Columbia is like criminal Peru: Luxury hotels, casinos, sport cars etc.

Hotel Hilton cutting a bay - speculations about new territories

The building of Hilton hotel in Cartagena deserves a special mention: Because for the construction of this hotel Hilton the end of a cape was "broadened" and by this there is forming a lagoon at the inner side: The sea is closing the little connection again and again which remained. By this a ship's station is becoming an orphan now - because no ship can enter any more. But speculators are thinking in another way. This indicated some dwellers of the Bocagrande tome: The capitalists with their allied mayor of Cartagena want eventually convert the closing bay into new territory winning new land for new sky scrapers. yes, this must be a really alcoholic dream then, because at the same time sea level is rising. And at the end will really win the fish. But consulting the map of maps.google one can not only observe that "Cartagena" is not written on the map but this little bay formed by the construction of hotel Hilton is not existing any more on the google map and has been converted already into territory!

Well: Of course the peninsula of "Bocagrande" is threatened by rising sea level. There are missing 30 cm yet and then the sky scrapers will fall because of softening of the soil. There is no bay to convert into territory any more then. These dreams of the millionaires in criminal Cartagena are all in vain, but the millionaires should look for a safer place in the inner of the continent...

Climate in the shadow - two restaurants on the beach - sport's boats - washing machine water

Climate on Bocagrande is special because Bocagrande has got temperatures of 2 or 3 degrees less than in the hot center of the town, probably because there is so much water around the narrow peninsula, and because of the many sky scrapers provoking much shadow - and there is also a direct breeze. Sunny walk can be only on the beaches, so.

At the end of the peninsula of Bocagrande in the district of "El Laguito" there are two restaurants with sight to the sea - wonderful for sunset - but watched by certain dwellers who have constructed their wooden huts aside. Officially they are working and making their living as crafts dealers bothering on and on the tourists. But unofficially it could be that this "crafts dealers" are dealing with white powder for the upper class on Bocagrande. Poverty is only facade. There may be speculated.

On the beach of "El Laguito" tourists also can rent sport's boats or can be raced on the sea. Beach disco is not missing either. Water on "El Laguito" beach is a little foamy yet similar to a washing machine water. But for looking for sea shells it's well enough. Tourists could not be seen there, they take the beaches before. Prices for food in the restaurant are not attractive either, but "El Laguito" seems to be an insider's tip for rich ties and necklaces.

Island tours - boat tours to Panama and Cuba

"Normal" tourist of Cartagena is satisfied by the "beautiful old town" of the city. Three days of stress making photos, having struggles with beer sellers and the many dealers in the streets, and stress with the drunk in the streets in Getsemani and with the highwaymen and with the people taking their night in the streets on the sidewalks on Venezuela and Lemaitre avenue (sounds good, is it?) this is enough for the "normal" tourist.

Island tours

In many cases hotels in Getsemani are also a travel agency (a real travel agency I saw only one time instead of the many walks for hours in the center, it was in the renovated center at the crossing of Santisimo with Tumbamuertos. These agencies offer to the tourist some boat tours to certain islands where the beach should be really clear "with guarantee", and where is real calm how it is on little islands: without beggars, without drinkers, without garbage collectors sleeping on the sidewalks, without stupid police on the island etc.

These island tours - e.g. to the islands of Rosario - cost that much that no beggar, drinker, garbage collector or policeman will go there, and therefore there will be no annoyance there by stupid alcoholic folks of Cartagena.

Tours to Panama

Having more money you can afford a boat's tour to Panama - which is offered with or without some nights on the islands. One can feel oneself a little bit like Columbus then who wanted to find a "way to India" and never found it... But the boat's trip is almost that expensive like a flight: 500 dollars, organized by Club Náutico in the district of Manga.

Tours to Cuba

There are also tours to Cuba by boat, but they are very rear. This trip lasts 5 days and has got it's correspondent price. But Cuba is special for it's financial conditions: Credit card of VISA PLUS will hardly function (in Venezuela VISA PLUS is not at all working), credit card of VISA will only work with some banks (in Venezuela only working with one single bank), but maestro card will function. The best will be to take 1 kg of dollars with oneself changing these dollars on the black market (as in Venezuela): but Cuba has got two moneys: "convertible pesos" and "normal pesos". Add to this web sites indicate that Cuba has got bad condoms and youth is happy when tourists bring good condoms from abroad...

Districts of Cartagena on the inner continent

Well, I was not satisfied with what I had seen in the town's center and in Bocagrande and in Manga. I wanted to see the districts in the inner of the continent, bought a town's plan (e.g. in a bookshop "Abaco" in the "beautiful historical center at the corner of Mantilla / Don Sancho), and then I showed the plan to some people I knew and they classified the districts in the inner continent where they are rich, medium and poor or also dangerous.

Market blocking traffic

Then the walk began in Real avenue (avenida Real) and followed the Heredia avenue (avenida Heredia) and just in Real avenue ("Royal" avenue) the market is placed where the people was very poor. The market along the avenue provokes that the public buses loose at least 20 minutes there because they want to "pick up" people there. Then the Heredia avenue is in good shape and well prepared for the quick bus system of "Transcaribe".

At the same time a big number of night-taker-in-the-street and street-sleepers could be seen, beggars and garbage collectors, right next to the modern shopping centers which are only for the rich etc. It seems that this Columbian government does not give a fuck about all this poverty and is behaving like Peruvian government where all mean that all the world would be like this. Stupid, more stupid, alcohol...


Add to this architects of Cartagena are not artists forming social sidewalks with ramps but a big part of the sidewalks are without any ramp, and sidewalk's edges are up to 40 cm high - this is architecture of alcoholics who only are driving cars and never are walking.

Channels and beaches full of garbage

There are water channels in the town, but they are full of garbage. In the channel in Carretera Troncal avenue even oil could be found, and next to this channel is the seat of the national police. This high quantity of garbage in the channels is the signal of an mentally absolutely low level existence of the majority of the population of Cartagena.

Talking with the population there came out that the channels are filled on and on with garbage and there is no mental capacity of learning in the population - and town's administration is not installing trash cans either where they are missing. And therefore the channels are filled on and on with trash.

Add to this came out what could be presumed: Also the beaches on "Cienaga de la Virgen" Bay (English: Virgin Swamp Bay") are adorned with trash. Poor people of Cartagena is this much alcoholized that the bigger problems cannot be arranged any more - and not at all garbage problems. This is put all on the town's administration and environment are not important any more because only lunch, sex and alcohol are playing a role in their life. More perverse life is not possible - but this is the case in many towns of Latin "America" - and the government remains the government also when they are not taking any measure. This kind of living is also called "catholic" "Christian"...

House discos at the weekends

Many people indicated to me that the center would be relatively calm yet compared with the outer districts. Above all during the weekends the Columbians of the poor districts are drinking much and be drunk in the streets organizing their street discos so nobody can sleep any more. There are even organized two discos in the same street to nobody can understand any text any more. So, this culture is that dreadful like in criminal Peru, there is no difference in this matter. Books they don't know, calm plays they don't know either. But putting the volume on it's maximum is their only freedom which remains - rapes, child abuse and killing actions inclusive - this is "freedom" of the dwellers...

The location of Mamonal

There are other poors not living in Cartagena any more but in Mamonal, some 8 km from the center of the town where at the beach big industry has installed and is spreading all possible odors and powders. Well, getting a move forward for more protection of the environment does not seem the idea of alcoholized Columbian government, and it's not important for the Columbian government if the population gets asthma or bronchitis or lunge diseases. Because drinking is permitted in all the streets, and with this the male population is "tranquilized" at least and one can go on governing in a calm way...

A dweller of Mamonal indicated that the public bus to Mamonal needs 2 hours - for 8 km - that are 4 km per hour. And the bus is giving it's service on 20 km - that are 10 km per hour...

Racism against foreigners in criminal Cartagena, e.g. with posters and helicopters

A racist poster against "Spaniards"

It's a pity but perverse criminal police of Cartagena has not got the energy protecting foreigners from racism by other groups. Within the preparations for the "American summit" in Cartagena mids of April 2012 there could be observed that certain circles of Cartagena installed a poster in Cartagena indicating the claim in it's title that all Spaniards would be "rapers" (violadores). Well, there is a word game in Spanish for "violadores", but this game seems to be a well loved game in Latin "American" perverse "cultures" of the upper class of alcoholics. Foreigner are simply defined as criminals, the best case is the imputation of a sexual crime presenting oneself as "good". But the locals are the persons committing the sexual crimes and surely not the tourists and only seldom white foreigners.

The text following the title stated that there were Spanish managers who had "violated" Columbian law ("violado la ley") and wages had not been payed, indicating names and surnames of the managers. Then the text was claiming for Latin "American" solidarity with all Latin "American" states in the name of the summit. At the end there was the damnification of all Spaniards of the world: "Españoles fuera de Colombia" ("Spaniards go out of Columbia"). That means in secret that all tourists should go, and principally these people writing this poster want to put in action the cannons of the town wall again, or not?

Well, stupid police of Cartagena tolerated this poster and did not forbid it. Mayor of Cartagena probably addicted to alcohol - there is no other explanation for the tolerance of drinking in Cartagena - this mayor has also tolerated this propaganda poster against all Spaniards of the world. This criminal propaganda poster was not only installed on 2 or 3 spots of the town, but it was in Manga and on the whole Heredia Avenue (avenida Pedro de Heredia), where the population of Cartagena has got their homes or is passing during their trip to work. And therefore it's clear that many dwellers only read the title and don't read the text - and therefore the manipulation of the population by the criminal mayor is proved: The population only should read the title, should believe that all Spaniards are rapers, and by this lie should be constructed a Latin "American" feeling of solidarity having the effect that during the summit itself there will be no critics any more. Propaganda functions like this since centuries, and the stupid and alcoholized governments of Latin "America" have their fun with it as it seems - racism is like sports for them. It seems that Columbian government and the mayor of Cartagena like this propaganda otherwise this poster would not have been installed there that long...

At the same time one has to consider that with the "independences" of the Latin "American" states principally did not change anything. Poors stay poor and rich mestizos are parting power as "presidents". In Chile there are 6 power families, in Peru about 10, and in Columbia not more than 10 for sure parting the power in the country. Intelligence is coming surely not from Latin "America" so...

Simulations of attacks with helicopters against tourist hotels

During the preparations of the "American" summit in Cartagena there could be observed also that there were helicopters making "their spins" over Cartagena and it was a joy for them passing the tourist hotels in a low height until the walls were moving. It seems that there was missing an enemy for the alcohol addicted commander of Cartagena, and he was "playing" with the tourists without hesitation as it is the mentality of Columbian upper class abusing tourists. At the same time emergency is big in the town and there would be enough possibilities for the police corps taking helping measures, but the alcoholic commander does not want to help but he likes more terrorizing and threatening as a "play". Therefore the alcohol addicted upper class of Columbia has got it's "nice times", and also the pilot seems to have had it's "nice times" and even will have been rewarded with a "national patriot" reward for his "action" against tourists...

A yes, these actions will be rated as "defense of Catholic Christendom against tourists". Welcome in criminal Cartagena!

The main scandal: many men are drinkers and don't help - and there is no law limiting alcohol consumption

Principal scandal in Cartagena is that the majority of the men are always consuming alcohol, and never are helping anywhere and are losing their brain with it, are turning into choleric persons, are beating, raping, abusing children and add to this are wasting all money for alcohol and at the end are turning into nursing cases. Therefore nobody can think any more at the end. This is the main scandal of Cartagena. And Columbian government states that this would be "freedom", and stupid "Christians" are not defending themselves against these destructive drinkers, and there are no laws limiting alcohol consumption (as e.g. in Ecuador), but government lets go on drinking! And foolish police is not changing anything.

But there will be the bill for this real sinful and egoist behavior of the different objects in Cartagena, for the criminal objects of the commanders and of Columbian government:

The end: Cartagena is to be doomed to die - by rising sea level

All in all there can be noted that "normal" tourist in Cartagena does not note much of the big criminality of the government but noticing some people drinking in the streets without limits and sleeping in the streets.

But the punishment of this eternal racism against foreign countries is coming fast because these Latin "American" governments never want to learn anything and this will end with the self destruction.

All in all important parts of Cartagena are to be doomed to die when there is not installed a dike system:
-- the center of the town (rich)
-- Getsemani (poor but with cheap tourist hotels)
-- Manga (rich)
-- Bocagrande (rich).

Three of four districts are dominated by rich upper class. The rich of Cartagena have got the task to find a solution in the next 20 years: to build up a dike system or to change their places to locations on higher levels. Then there will be an end with drinking, shouting, cashing up and shouting racist slogans. Criminal Cartagena will be "remodeled" by the sea.

Ah yea, Columbia is a "Christian" country and it's a duty to believe that a white Jewish "Jesus" wold be the savior for the whole world. And the poor have to be poor because it's their guilt being poor. And when somebody is drinking alcohol in the street and is getting addicted by this comprehending this as a "culture" that is his guilt of course.

But in the case of Cartagena this belief of Jesus is the ruin at the end - no, this will be a remodelation by the sea. The sky scrapers of Bocagrande simply will fall like matches...